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When children sit down to table as ravenously hungry as small animals, their natural instincts are curbed, and they are compelled to eat slowly and 'properly. You see it everywhere and in everything. The whole plan of modern society, with its manners and usages, is a system of shams!"

My mother made herself everything to him from that moment, gave up all her former habits to be with him, sent the little boys to school, and fairly dragged him through the trouble!" "How long ago was it?" "Ten years yes, ten years.

She has felt dead squirrels and rabbits and other wild animals, and is anxious to see a "walk-squirrel," which interpreted, means, I think, a "live squirrel." We go home about dinner-time usually, and Helen is eager to tell her mother everything she has seen. This is the basis of real intercourse.

Thinking chiefly of this subject and talking of it every day, we labored on, and finally were wonderfully encouraged with the belief that we were actually walking easier and everything was becoming lighter. Soon this belief became a certainty, and, since leaping was no effort, we leaped with joy and hope.

One of the most common signs of this period, in some natures, is the love of contradiction and opposition, a blind desire to go contrary to everything that is commonly received among the older people.

Indeed human development seems now to be almost at such a solstice where the power that makes for love is almost exhausted in opposing the tendency toward selfishness. We shall not always stay at the solstice; soon we shall make more rapid progress. And unselfishness like the family relation is firmly rooted in mammalian structure. And man owes almost everything to family life.

Everything which was done right in the world henceforth, was to be His doing. The kingdom and rule over the whole universe, was to be His. So He said; and His disciples believed Him; and if they believed Him, how could they but rejoice?

Elsie will have loads of new things; it's perfectly absurd the way Horace heaps presents upon her, and pocket-money too. Such loads of jewelry as she has, two or three gold watches, and everything else in proportion." "He may as well; she can never spend the half of her income," remarked Mr. Dinsmore.

Like all Englishmen whose lot is cast in far countries they retained their feeling for England as a home and became conscious as Englishmen in England seldom are, of love for their own land. Like all Englishmen they grumbled ceaselessly at what they loved. They spoke with contempt of everything English.

That means that you are potentially the most highly developed race on earth, and would be actually the greatest if you could live long enough to attain to maturity. I never thought of that. That explains everything. We are just a lot of schoolboys: theres no denying it.