Nay, in this theres no danger; if there be A real happines on earth, this way You shall arrive to it. Tho. He were unwise Would he not graunt it then. Thu. Please you declare it. Cla.

BARNABAS. A surplus. Thats what I cant make out. Thats the artfulness of these people. BURGE-LUBIN. That settles it. Whats the use of arguing? The Chink says you are wrong; and theres an end of it. BARNABAS. I say nothing against the Chink's arguments. But what about my facts? CONFUCIUS. If your facts include a case of a man living 283 years, I advise you to take a few weeks at the seaside.

Its cunsumsion and they won't have me back for fere of my giving it to others. I gess thats right tho its hard luck on me. It aint that I care much about living. I dont, becawse theres sum one I love who loves another girl. Shes a lot better than me and werthy of him so thats all right too but it herts and Id be kind of glad to go out.

Heven Visp, the coachmin, eld out his and, & said, 'Jeames, I hopes theres no quarraling betwigst you & me, & I'll stand a pot of beer with pleasure.

Purdy, who was wintering in Florida a tear-stained, blotted, misspelled letter that had been achieved with great difficulty. It ran: Dear Mis Purdy, me and Dan Lewis is pinched again. But I ain't a Dellinkent. The jedge says theres a diffrunce. He says he was not puting me in becose I was bad but becose I was not brot upright. He says for me to be good and stay here and git a education.

You know, sometimes, when the bishop, who is the most priceless of fossils, lets off something more than usually out-of-date, the bird starts in my garden. FRANKLYN. The bird? HASLAM. Oh yes. Theres a bird there that keeps on singing 'Stick it or chuck it: stick it or chuck it' just like that for an hour on end in the spring. I wish my father had found some other shop for me.

Were I not sure Theres nought in him that can be titled ill, I should have thought your circumspective Judgment Had spide some error in him, and in care Of me your child forbidden me his love. But whatsoer's the cause, though your comaund Was like perdition welcome, my obedience Fullfild it truly, without questioning The reason why or the unlimited power Of you my mother. Lady. You did very well.

Well considered; 'tis for our reputation. Enter Bonvill, Clarinna, Belizea and Grimes. Bon. Come, you are wantons both: If I were absent, You would with as much willingness traduce My manners to them. What Idiots are wee men To tender our services to women Who deride us for our paines! Cla. Bel. Nay, theres his Nephew, Crackby, your sweet servant. Clar. My Servant!

Come for another Couple. Tho. In hell ; my Master is married. La. My husband left some letters and a token Was sent you Mistris Dorothy. You did ill To obscure your selfe so much; you shall not want Hereafter all respects that may become you. Do. Madam, I know not what you meane. Cap. She wonot take it upon her yet. Un. Theres the sport. Enter Device. De.

If theres a living in the family, or one's Governor knows a patron, one gets shoved into the Church by one's parents. FRANKLYN. One gets shoved out of it, sometimes, by one's conscience. HASLAM. Oh yes; but where is a chap like me to go? I'm afraid I'm not intellectual enough to split straws when theres a job in front of me, and nothing better for me to do.