Now Lady Esmondet, turning her steps in the direction of the Haughton apartments, entering, said: "I have come to wish you bon voyage; my lawyer is here; I know there will be a general exodus of you all soon, while I am closeted with him he is a little bit of a tyrant and cross as a bear, if interrupted." "A man would be a bear if he could be cross to you, Alice," said Col.

"Toi, Antoine," shouted he, "lache la grande voile!" meaning him to "slacken off the mainsheets," whereupon the lugger was brought alongside the wreck of the cutter. Our friend Antoine, without wasting a moment, at once stepped on board, exclaiming, "Tenez bon dessus Hold on."

The old 'National, we need but to look around us to be sure, was never more prosperous than now, while I am free to confess that my journal, 'Le Bon Sens, which has been a sickly child ever since its birth, has, within three months, tripled its number of readers, or, at least, its payers.

The doctor, whose cook was not satisfactory, the curate, who kept no cook, and the mining agent, who was a great bon vivant, even began to rely on Freely for the greater part of their dinner, when they wished to give an entertainment of some brilliancy.

He was five feet six, I should judge, and had his grip on the handle-end of ever so many millions. He shook hands, I fancy, murmured vaguely, was satisfied with my French. Bon Voyage. "In about forty-five seconds I found myself again in the waiting-room with the compassionate secretary, who, full of desolation and sympathy, made me sign some document.

Immediately in front of him the door of a small cabaret stood invitingly open; its signboard, "Le Bon Copain," promised rest and refreshment. He peered up and down the road, satisfied himself presumably that, for the moment, his pursuers were out of sight, hugged his parcel to his chest, and then suddenly made a dart for the cabaret and disappeared within its doors.

He trod on air as he lived over again every second of that wonderful over-night scene, and scarcely realized the impossible truth. Lucille loved him, as a lover! Lucille the alter ego, the understanding, splendid friend; companion in play and work, in idle gaiety and serious consideration; the bon camarade, the real chum and pal.

Well considered; 'tis for our reputation. Enter Bonvill, Clarinna, Belizea and Grimes. Bon. Come, you are wantons both: If I were absent, You would with as much willingness traduce My manners to them. What Idiots are wee men To tender our services to women Who deride us for our paines! Cla. Bel. Nay, theres his Nephew, Crackby, your sweet servant. Clar. My Servant!

The Intendant had laughingly wished them bon voyage and a speedy return with his friend Le Gardeur, giving them no other intimation of his wishes; nor could they surmise that he had any other object in view than the pleasure of again meeting a pleasant companion of his table and a sharer of their pleasures.

Martin, a marine artist of recognized ability, also proposed in vain to paint two large pictures, one representing the famous action between the Constitution and the Guerriere, and the other the night combat between the Bon Homme Richard and the Serapis.