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We're a doin all right out yere now, me an Bill ther claim is payin big, but I never aint got over thinkin bout Mercedes. I shore loved her, an I do yit. You was awful good to her, an I reckon she 'd sorter want me to tell you jist how it wus. Hopin this will clar up som ov them troubles between you an Mister Winston, I am Yours with respects,

Montague, who had but recently become a proselyte to the royal cause, Hist. iii. 672-675. Clar. Pap. iii. 673, 674. Ludlow, ii. 223. Whitelock, 683. Carte's Letters, 194, 202. Clar. was drawn by his zeal into the most imminent danger.

"All the girls do." "I'd hire out then, Miss Daisy, while you don't want me I'd be right smart and I'd bring all my earnin's to you regular. 'Deed I will! Till Miss Daisy want me herself." I felt my cheeks flush. She would bring her earnings to me. Yes, that was what we were doing. "Clar, Miss Daisy, do don't leave me behind!

Well, nobody can say Morris Brown is not as charitable as the best Christian breathing; and, as the late Lady Waddilove very justly observed, 'Brown, believe me, a prudent risk is the surest gain! I will lose no time in finding the late squire out." Muttering over these reflections, Mr. Brown took his way to the steward's room. Clar. How, two letters? The Lover's Progress.

Moseby's lost ten thousand dollars; he'd orter know. De bank's gone to smash, clar nuff." Clo burst into a new paroxysm of distress, and Dolf, after a brief struggle with his own disappointment, turned on her: "Yer needn't rouse de house wid yer hurlyburly," said he, savagely. "Better 'member Miss Elsie's sick."

A few moments later a child on a pony tore into the weed-grown drive leading to the great mansion on the hill, scaring a lone darky who had been dawdling among the roses. "'Clar' tu goodness, Mars Will'm, I done tuk you foh de Black Hoss Cav'ly!" said the ancient negro reproachfully. "Hi! Hi! Wha' foh you mek all dat fuss an' a-gwine-on?"

The nigger of every description yeller, brown, or black, call him 'Chinese, 'Injin, or 'Kanaka, or what you like hez to clar off of God's footstool when the Anglo-Saxon gets started! It stands to reason that they can't live alongside o' printin' presses, M'Cormick's reapers, and the Bible! Yes, sir! the Bible; and Deacon Hornblower kin prove it to you.

Minervy knew no more of telling time than one of her own children, but rising from her chair, she said: "I 'clar ter goodness, I'se done shed so many tears in ma sorrer and grief over Joshua dat I sho' is a-loosin' ma eyesight." She then went close to the clock, looked long and carefully at it, but shook her head doubtfully.

If Pomp could git along dar, you kin, Mah'sr Harry! Did ye go out dar, sure 'nuff, you Pomp? Mind, if ye didn't, I'll lick ye!" "Yes, I did," said Pomp; "clar out dar an' back agin." "Then I'll try it," cried Harry; and clambering around the trunk of the tree, he jumped off as far as he could toward shore.

"I waited for my year to finish as I had said I would, and then, Emily, I waited longer for fear you did not know your heart. Matthias said to me one day, 'Masr' Louis, dat man neber can gain de day ober thar; Miss Emily done gone clar off de books, an he's such a bother um um. This set me to thinking; I asked him how he came to think so.