I seen him comin' foh me, an' I jest lets out a yell an' runs up dis yer safety ladder," remarked Toby, as he patted the article in question affectionately. "We heard the yells, all right, and came running. Look here, Bluff, old man, you got your bear in spite of my playing that mean trick on you; are you going to call it quits, and be friends?" asked Jerry, holding out his hand.

Two days later Whitehill found Cleveland in a Socorro restaurant, got the "drop" on him, told him his pals were arrested and had confessed that they were in the robbery, but that he, Cleveland, had killed Engineer Webster. This brought the whole story. "'Foh God, boss, I nebber killed dat engineer. Mitch Lee done it, an' him an' Taggart an' Kit Joy, dey done lied to you outrageous."

"I was nurse in slave time en I carried de chilluns all ober de house en one day I had de chilluns upstars en my missus called me en I went ter see whar she wont and while I'se war gone de baby got hodter Indian Turnip an hed bit it by de time I git back dar en I called my missus en she come en made me eat de rest of de turnip en my face enall swelled up en my eyes war closed foh days.

The old gentleman entered upon the next stage of the invariable routine of discussion with a Rebel: "Wall, what air you'uns down heah, a-fightin' we'uns foh?" As I had answered this question several hundred times, I had found the most extinguishing reply to be to ask in return: "What are you'uns coming up into our country to fight we'uns for?"

"Young lady li'l late this mawnin', seems like," remarked the Judge. "Oh, yes, but she'll be 'long direckly, I reckon," replied the doctor. "You know how 'bout these young folks. They don't always realize the impohtance o' pressin' business mattehs. But we must fo'give heh. Judge, we must fo'give heh, foh she suhtinly is well wo'th waitin' foh; yes indeed."

"Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman; Be he alive or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread," is also referred to by Shakespeare in "King Lear," in Act III., Scene 5, when Edgar sings: "Child Rowland to the dark Tower came; His word was still, fee, foh, and fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman."

"But," went on Josie, "how shall we be able to pay the next installment of interest, and the principal, when it falls due?" "Amply provided foh, my deah Madam," said the Captain, waving his arm; "the defe'ed payments and the interest on them will create an ample sinking fund!" "But if they don't?" she inquired.

The train lay at the station, oceans of heavy, black smoke lazily flowing from the locomotive; negroes were hoisting empty fruit-crates aboard the baggage-car, through the door of which I caught a glimpse of my steel cage and remaining paraphernalia, all securely crated. "Telegram hyah foh Mistuh Gilland," remarked the operator, lounging at his window as we descended from our dusty vehicle.

"Well, it's just this: they do say yo're tryin' to fasten a criminal charge of bribery on me. You and I have been friends and still are, I hope but if yo're goin' gunnin' foh me, I want to know it." His face was slightly flushed, but his fine dark eyes looked hopefully to his friend for denial. Keith was genuinely distressed.

"Well, sir, I think a heap o' my ole mother, I does; 'membering how she did foh me when I was a boy and wondering if anybody does for her now, and if she is comfortable down there at Tanglewood. And I wants her to know it; and not to be a-thinking as I forgets her." Ishmael wrote rapidly for a few moments and then looked up. "What else, Jim?"