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"He didn't, but, if he did, I would stand up for him, he has always been so good to me," said Nat, so earnestly that Dan forgot his spiders, and rose quickly to thank him, but Ned's next words arrested him. "I know Dan did it, and gave the money to you.

He had planned his course of procedure when the door opened to his knock, and Mrs. Miggs revealed her distrustful countenance. Nevill tendered her half a sovereign on the spot, and asked to see the room lately occupied by Mr. Noah Hawker. "It's a private matter," he explained. "Yes, I know that Mr. Hawker has just been arrested and taken away.

They speak of arrested development, of defect of will, of inheritances and surroundings, of a vacancy as yet unfilled by virtue. It is hard to think that people held by a half-sceptical pantheism, and the relativity of evil, have ever been face to face with the awful deeps and disobediences of their own heart, or have felt the hot breath of the devil on their own cheek.

The coppice now remained to be negotiated, and then, if the station-master's directions were not at fault, "Uplands" should be visible beyond. Taking, therefore, what I had designed to be a final glance back down the hillside, I was preparing to resume my way when I saw something something that arrested me.

Suddenly my attention was arrested by a name I knew 'Giovanni Saracinesca, written clearly across the page, and below it, 'Felice Baldi, the woman he had married. The date of the marriage was the 19th of June 1863.

On we jogged, but jogged not long; for before this accumulating procession could disperse we were arrested by a whiskered soldier, who in unintelligible terms announced himself a searcher of baggage.

Less than six hours later the soldiers of the Allies suddenly descended on the German, Austrian, Bulgarian, and Turkish consulates and arrested the enemy consuls and vice-consuls, taking them prisoners together with their families and entire staffs. They were immediately marched down to the quays and sent aboard one of the battleships.

"No, General; in the first place, I am not one of any elect." A flattering glimmer of amusement came into the two men's faces, but some change in Charlotte's manner arrested it and brought an enhanced deference. "In the second place, I am not here merely on this errand." "Oh!" "No, General.

"But ... but ... don't you see, my dear, he said ... he said ... he should come again to-morrow ... at the same time ... and I ... I am terribly frightened.... You have no idea how tenacious he is and obstinate.... What can I do ... tell me ... what can I do?" The little Marchioness sat up in bed to reflect, and then she suddenly said: "Have him arrested!"

She thought, "So that's what she came for. Steven hasn't told her anything." "What put that idea into your head?" she asked. "Somebody told me so." "He has had an offer of Dr. Harker's practice in Leeds, and he'd some idea of taking it. He seemed to think it might be a good thing." There was a flicker in the whiteness of Gwenda's face. It arrested Mary.