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"Nor I," replied Tom, dropping upon the ground with exhaustion. "I know something about this business. I thought Cerry Gordy was consid'able of a battle, but 'twas nothin' like this." "It's awful," sighed Tom, as he thought of the good fellows he had seen fall upon the field. "Heaps of our boys have gone down!"

"But, Mother," said King, "that isn't so awful easy! And, anyway, I don't think she ought to do horrid things, like tumbling down our palace, and then we just forgive her, and take her into the club!" "Why not, King?" King looked a little nonplussed. "Why," he said, "why, because it doesn't seem fair."

It is thinking that as wild and awful as this shameful war was, it is nothing to compare with that fight for freedom which black and brown and yellow men must and will make unless their oppression and humiliation and insult at the hands of the White World cease. The Dark World is going to submit to its present treatment just as long as it must and not one moment longer.

It must be that he is bitterly disappointed in me, and takes refuge in this awful silence. Oh, if I could only please him, and know that I pleased him, how different my life would be! Baby does not .seem well. I have often plumed myself on the thought that having a doctor for his father would be such an advantage to him, as he would be ready 'to attack the first symptoms of disease.

She saw them looming mystically through the skylight, the swaying forms below, in their white grave-clothes, oscillating weirdly backwards and forwards, bowed as by a mighty wind. Suddenly there fell a vast silence; even from without no sound came to break the awful stillness. It was as if all creation paused to hear a pregnant word.

Be good boys, now, and don't touch any of Mr. Bland's things." He was hurrying to the door when Chippie interrupted him. "Where have you got a pain, papa?" He tapped himself on the heart. "Here, Chippie, here; and I hope you may never have anything so awful." As he went down the steps he found himself saying: "Will this crucifixion never end? Have I deserved it?

"But I don't bring flattery. Gracious! I am chilled through." She took off her gloves and held her hands over the grate. "Everybody's gone to bed, and I didn't know but you might be here, scribbling. Goodness, what's that you've been smoking?" "A pipe." She turned from the fire and shrugged her shoulders. "Couldn't you get a cigar? Why do you smoke that awful thing?"

I hardly expect to hear he is alive to-morrow, and Mrs. Morton's handkerchief was raised. 'Oh ay, sad enough, you know! I say, will it make any difference to you? 'My poor, dear brother! Well, it ought, you know. Indeed it would if it had not been for that dear little boy. My poor Herbert! 'It must have been an awful sell for him.

His toes stuck out of his shoes, and he had n’t shaved for a long while, and his eyes was awful red and wild, like he had some sickness. He comes right up and begins to talk like he knows me already. He says: ‘The ponds in this country is done got so low a man could n’t drownd himself in one of ’em.’

Taynton sat down again, his mouth compressed into hard lines, his forehead heavily frowning. He could not permanently prevent Morris from meeting Godfrey Mills, besides, it was his right to do so, yet how fraught with awful risks to himself that meeting would be!