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Trade was horribly hampered by them, though they had no ostensible trade of their own; their influence on southern Europe being comparable only to that of a wasps' nest under one's window, with this difference, that even wasps, as a rule, mind their own business, whereas the Algerine pirates minded the business of everybody else, and called that their own special vocation!

The theory has its attractions, but there is this difference between the primitive archaic Greek or early Italian and the modern primitive; the early men reverently clothed the abstract idea they started with in the most natural and beautiful form within their knowledge, ever seeking to discover new truths and graces from nature to enrich their work; while the modern artist, with the art treasures of all periods of the world before him, can never be in the position of these simple-minded men.

The Vanderhoof set is wild and godless I do not wish to see you keeping company with fools who walk in the broad and easy way that leads to perdition." "It is rather a hard choice," said the young man, with a short laugh, turning toward the door. "According to you there's very little difference a fool's paradise or a fool's hell!

Erebus told the Terror that things were indeed come to a pretty pass when it was suggested to an English girl, a Dangerfield, too, that she should model herself on a German. "I don't suppose it would really make any difference who you modeled yourself on," said the Terror, desirous rather of being frank than grammatical.

Penelope's vehemence did not rouse her. She only shook her head absently, and said, "I don't know." "Why should Pen care what impression she made? I didn't suppose it would make any difference to her whether Mrs. Corey liked her or not." "I didn't, either. But I could see that she was just as nervous as she could be, every minute of the time. I guess she didn't like Mrs.

Nan satisfied his taste and his intellect, to begin with; his senses were equally well content with her beauty; and then then another kind of emotion came into play. He was a little vexed and impatient with himself at first, to find the difference that she made in his life. She interested him profoundly, and he had never been profoundly interested in any woman before.

"The King," said O'Toole; "to be sure, that makes a difference." Gaydon asked quietly, "And what is the prize?" "The Princess Clementina," said Wogan. "We are to rescue her from her prison in Innspruck." Even Gaydon was startled. "We four!" he exclaimed. "We four!" repeated Misset, staring at Wogan. His mouth was open; his eyes started from his head; he stammered in his speech.

A vast number of people call money vulgar; but, if you'll notice, this opinion is chiefly held by those who haven't been able to secure any of it. "I wouldn't have you sacrifice any decent principle to get it, because that is not necessary; but go get money of your own, and see what a difference there is between dollars.

Her look said, "There! what d'you think of that?" "Modified!" said Dion, rather doubtfully. "Never between meals never." "At any rate that's a step in the right direction." "Isn't it? I took it with him." "The modified pledge?" "Yes," she said, with great seriousness. "But you never ! To help him, of course." "Yes." "And has it made a difference to the nose?"

The finances were diligently administered by two princes, who had been so long accustomed to the rigid economy of a private fortune; but in the receipt and application of the revenue, a discerning eye might observe some difference between the government of the East and of the West.

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