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And he goes on to give particulars, showing a far worse condition in respect to cookery and diet than now prevails in any decent American society. We have therefore strong evidence that the essential change in the American type was effected in the last century, not in this. Dr. E.H. Clarke says, "A century does not afford a period long enough for the production of great changes.

"Pull his bloomin' pigtail," said one of these outcasts from decent conduct. The old man was trying to keep them off with both hands, but the hands were very wrinkled and trembly. Oswald is grateful to his good Father who taught him and Dicky the proper way to put their hands up.

It is one of the greatest difficulties to get decent, steady Englishmen to settle on the land. It is the people who settle on the land who make a country, and if Sir Frederick Young can give us a receipt for making English people settle there he will confer one of the greatest possible benefits on South Africa.

'Stop what? You dear, foolish old man! You can't stop it, Dezzy. 'Well, if she'll only make him happy ! 'Oh, she'll be quite decent to him, said Pamela, with a shrug, 'but she'll despise him! 'What the deuce do you mean, Pam?

'That's all very well, said Dick truculently, 'but I want to know what WE are going to do. Are we going to take it lying down? I sniffed. 'I suppose we had better, I said. 'And if we want a decent handbook of procedure I am told that the Imitatio Christi is excellent.

"I don't quite see," he said, "why we should risk a row for the sake of you two." Trent snorted. "Look here," he said; "I suppose you know your business. You don't want me to tell you that a decent excuse for having a row with this old Johnny is about the best thing that could happen to you. He's a bit too near the borders of civilisation to be a decent savage.

He was a contented, decent, God-fearing citizen, the backbone of the whole nation, and he has been blotted away from the face of the earth. They work now passively, like dumb brutes, to resist starvation, and human character isn't strong enough for such a strain. The public houses thrive, and the pawnshops are full. But the children haven't enough to eat.

The other sort have no use for you so long as you pay their bills; you are hardly missed, if the truth were told. "Well, you must keep on with the grind. And you want your sort of playmates and fun, and it's such decent, upright fun in comparison oh, pshaw!" He stood up, kicking the edge of the rug with his foot in almost boyish, shamed fashion.

"Hegh, sirs!" was the expression of the ci-devant ploughman of the mains of Tillietudlem; "it's an unco thing that decent folk should be harled through the country this gate, as if they were a warld's wonder." "I am sorry to see you here, Cuddie," said Morton, who, even in his own distress, did not lose feeling for that of others.

"I'll admit it has been a tiresome journey, and I'll be glad when we can step into a decent hotel, have a rub, and feel like white men once more. I am beginning to feel like these dirty Slavs and Huns we saw 'way back there." "There's one thing certain," said Lorry, looking out of the window.