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Quite unconsciously Nance began to keep time. It was such glorious fun playing at being animals and fairies in the woods at night. Without realizing what she was doing, she dropped into what she used to call in the old sweat-shop days, "dancin' settin' down."

The widow's comment was only, "Nice boy." Upstairs in their own room, Maurice said: "What pleasant people! Nelly, let's get some fun out of this; don't dash up here the minute you swallow your food!" She wondered, silently, how he could call them "pleasant"! To her they were all rather common, pushing persons, who wanted to talk to Maurice.

"Come, come, now," she exclaimed, "what a fool you are!" "I adore you, Alicia! Heart of my soul!" "Come now, be good! Keep quiet good-by! You're getting me into trouble!" "But I've got to see you see you!" "All right! Only do keep quiet! Good-by keep quiet, I tell you! Candelas might get wise to something, and I don't want her making fun of us!"

It would be silly not to." "But I couldn't! I just COULDN'T. Do you s'pose I could have one single bit of fun going to places without you? And knowing you were here at home, longing to be with us! No-sir-ee! I just couldn't pos- SIB-ly! So just you remember that, old girl; no Dolly, no Dotty! And that's SURE!"

"Lucy is happy, virtuous, and independent, why can't I be so too if I have any talent? It isn't exactly what I should choose, but any thing honest is better than idleness. I'll try it any way, and get a little fun, even if I don't make much money or glory out of it." So Christie held to her resolution in spite of many secret misgivings, and followed Mrs.

My father would rather have cut off his right hand than have allowed you to begin an acquaintance which has been ruinous to almost all the young men who have been in that set. 'But we are not young men, cried Lance, 'it is only for the holidays; and we only want a little fun with poor Harry, he is so lonely and just to go out rabbiting and skating.

There was a general exclamation of surprise. I stole a glance at Miss Emmons. She looked amazed, and I thought that she turned pale; but she was always pale. "Yes," Addison continued, "'twas great fun. Wilma," he cried familiarly, "did you know that you walk in your sleep?" Miss Emmons uttered some sort of protest. "Well, but you do!" Addison exclaimed. "Of course you don't remember it.

By being careful and remaining motionless when the star shells fell behind us, we reached the German barbed wire without mishap. Then the fun began.

"I'm going to look just for the fun of it, anyhow," said Dick, "although it would be very convenient to have a light as J.W. suggests. Another time we can bring one." The sun shone more strongly into the hole, and Dick began to descend, using a stout stick, which he had broken from a tree near at hand, to assist him in going down.

However, after due exchange of civilities, we succeeded somehow in preferring the request that had brought us into his presence, and Mr. Harrison's reply served to reassure us. Said he: "Oh, no, boys, I couldn't do that; last year I promised Bok to write some articles for his journal, and I didn't have any fun all summer."

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