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Cardinal I'm afraid I should be jealous. There she is in the very same tree with him. Did you ever see such a difference?" Peter looked eagerly. Instead of the glorious red of Glory, Mrs. Cardinal wore a very dull dress. Her back was a brownish-gray. Her throat was a grayish-black. Her breast was a dull buff with a faint tinge of red. Her wings and tail were tinged with dull red.

It is the undoubted mission of the American believers, therefore, to carry forward into the second century the glorious work initiated in the closing years of the first.

It is idle for me to emphasize how much the sorrowful ladies of the Holy Household look forward to the work that lies before the friends in the American continent, who in the past have rendered so glorious a service to His Cause and will now, faithful to His special love for them, carry on their mission still more gloriously than ever before.

Policy and justice both agree on this point; for, whatever Boileau may say, it is certainly more glorious to confront death in the footsteps of the Cæsars than to fatten upon the public miseries by gambling on the vicissitudes of the national credit.

You shall be the worm among a nation of worms you shall be steeped in poverty to the lips you shall undergo the bitterness of death, until Come," he cried suddenly, "son of misfortune, emblem of the nation, that living shall die, and dying shall live; that, trampled by all, shall trample on all; that, bleeding from a thousand wounds, shall be unhurt; that, beggared, shall wield the wealth of nations; that, without a name, shall sway the council of kings; that, without a city, shall inhabit in all the kingdoms; that, scattered like the dust, shall be bound together like the rock; that, perishing by the sword, chain, famine, and fire, shall be imperishable, unnumbered, glorious as the stars of heaven."

This action at Quebec is a most glorious action; and now we have turned the French king out of the country, shouldn't be at all surprised if we set up for ourselves in America." "My love, you are talking treason!" cries Lord Castlewood. "I am talking reason, anyhow, my lord. I've no notion of folks being kept down, and treated as children for ever!" George! Harry!

War thus greatened in character by its ideal, the phrase of the Greek orator, let me repeat, is no longer an empty sound, but vibrates with its original life "How fortunate the dead who have fallen in battle! And how fortunate are you to whom sorrow comes in so glorious a shape!"

Moreover, the gratification of this desire would foreclose that glorious anticipation, that trembling expectancy, which is so fraught with inspiration and delight, the joy of the unknown, the bliss of the thought that there is a great deal yet to be revealed.

Almamon, however, rejected this sanguinary counsel, saying at the same time, "Alas! if they who have injured me, knew how much pleasure I experience in forgiving my enemies, they would hasten to appear before me to confess their faults!" This excellent prince was the munificent patron of science and the arts, and his reign formed the most brilliant epoch of the glorious days of the Arabs.

"The inscriptions enable me to pass my time," said the old man; "what more would the whole literature of China do?" "And from these inscriptions," said I, "what a book it is in your power to make, whenever so disposed. 'Translations from the crockery literature of China. Such a book would be sure to take; even glorious John himself would not disdain to publish it." The old man smiled.