Oh! a drink, a drink water, water my tongue, my mouth, my throat, my blood, my brain, are all on fire?" Oh, false ambition, to what mean and despicable resources, to what low and unscrupulous precautions dost thou stoop in order to accomplish thy selfish, dishonest, and heartless designs! The very gratification of this expected thirst had been provided for and anticipated.

Whatever might have been the gratification of the squire, as a canvasser and a brother, at Mr.

'No, said Mr Dorrit, 'no: I am not sensible of fatigue when it arises from an occasion so hum replete with gratification of the purest kind. Little Dorrit was glad to find him in such heart, and smiled from her own heart. 'My dear, he continued, 'this is an occasion ha teeming with a good example. With a good example, my favourite and attached child hum to you.

I cannot refrain, however, from giving expression to my gratification and appreciation of the substantial and continued support already accorded, and in particular during the past year by the believers in the United States and Canada, under the wise and judicious direction of their elected national representatives, to the Plan of Unified Action, whose declared purpose is to insure, ere the present Bahá’í year comes to a close, the raising of the funds required for the building of the first Unit of the Mashriqu’l-Adhkár.

Fleda stood and looked at it then, in immense satisfaction, seeing that her uncle's eye would miss nothing of its accustomed gratification. To her the old room, shining with firelight and new furniture, was perfectly charming. If those great windows were staringly bright, health and cheerfulness seemed to look in at them.

In short, they seem scarcely to possess a rational idea beyond what may tend to the gratification of the appetite; and I have myself seen them with women's gowns, petticoats, shawls, &c, tied round their legs, and between their toes, and in this manner they would run wildly into the woods, shouting in exultation.

The Mussulmans had seventy men killed, the idolaters lost only twenty-two. The Koreishites had no other fruit of their victory but the gratification of a poor spirit of revenge. Henda, and the women who had fled with her upon the first disorder of the idolaters, now returned, and committed great barbarities upon the dead bodies of the apostle's friends.

Not only no defamation of her but not even an innuendo gained currency in the gossip of the city during the remainder of her term of service. Quite the other way. Her fame as a Vestal whose prayers were sure to be heard, at first a source of natural pride and gratification to her, came to be a burden, even a positive misery.

To his sister-in-law, as Isabella always repeated in her letters, the Moro showed himself the kindest and most generous of hosts, and was unwearied in providing for her amusements and gratification.

Naturally of an improvident character, he adopted no means to preserve the property which he inherited. The cardinal vices of gaming and drinking he avoided. But he was licentious in the extreme, and regardless of consequences in the gratification of his desires. His extravagance was unrestrained when, in his opinion, necessary to the enjoyment of his pleasures.