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"To take any chance leisure of yours is selfish but I had to!" Martin took the outstretched hands and still held them as he sat down. After all the silent years the old thrill filled his being. "This is a great treat," he said in his big, kind voice. "I was just back in the office. I steered two small craft into port this afternoon I need a vacation."

That smile, so cold, so cruel, so unpitying, made Theos for a moment hate him, . . of what use, he thought, was it, to be a writer of soft and delicate verse, if the inner nature of the man was merciless, selfish, and utterly regardless of the woes of others? ... The rest of the guests were profoundly indifferent, they kept silence, it is true, ... but they went on drinking their wine with perfectly unabated enjoyment.. they were evidently accustomed to such scenes.

He who can turn churlishly away from contemplating the felicity of his fellow beings, and sit down darkling and repining in his loneliness when all around is joyful, may have his moments of strong excitement and selfish gratification, but he wants the genial and social sympathies which constitute the charm of a merry Christmas. The Stage-coach

There's just one thing more I want to say. I don't want either you or Marjory to think I'm going out of your lives a martyr that I'm going off to pine and die. The first time she left me I made an ass of myself, and that was because I had not then got hold of the essential fact of love. As I see it now, love real love does not lie in the personal gratification of selfish desires.

He was that morning, and had been, for the last two or three days, considerably better, and our happiness seemed to grow less selfish in our increasing hope of his recovery. When we returned from church, our intention was to set off immediately to Hall, a seat which I had hired for our reception.

Circumstances, as I shall relate in this story, have somewhat interfered with him; but he will, I trust, yet come back to the right way of thinking. That I shall never spend that last happy year within the walls of the college, is to me, from a selfish point of view, the saddest part of England's reassuming our island as a colony. My readers will perceive that I am an enthusiast.

Gypsy opened her eyes wide. Honestly she might have said she didn't know. She was by nature a generous child, and the charge of selfishness was seldom brought against her. Plenty of faults she had, but they were faults of quick temper and carelessness. Of deliberate selfishness it had scarcely ever occurred to her that anybody could think her capable. So she echoed— "Selfish!" in simple surprise.

But in all of them there was never a mention of the bright, beautiful, selfish girl around whom the old home life used to centre and who seemed now, judging from the home letters, to be worse than dead to them all. But since the afternoon upon the hill a new and pleasant intercourse had sprung up between David and Marcia.

"In this way neither they nor we will need to hurry." "Disgustingly selfish creature," said Ethel, making a face at him across the table. Jane said nothing, but her face fell into firmer lines and her cheeks took on a little colour. The dinner was cut short in order to allow Dr. Brown to get through with his list of waiting patients. "We have a few minutes, Ethel," said Larry.

You see, I am apt to side with the miserable fellow who made a false step foolish, if you like all for love of a selfish and beautiful woman." "She was beautiful?" "Yes, as you are." She did not blush at that rank compliment, any more than a lioness would, if you praised the astonishing sleekness and beauty of its skin. "And she had been a true wife to him before that?"