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The Queen and the old King of the Belgians were present among the sponsors. When the Queen went north this year she was accompanied by the Duke and Duchess of Saxe-Coburg. On the 14th of March, 1865, her Majesty visited the Hospital for Consumption at Brompton, walking over the different wards and speaking to the patients.

Scelotyrbe festinans, he says, is a peculiar species of scelotyrbe, in which the patients, whilst wishing to walk in the ordinary mode, are forced to run, which has been seen by Carguet and by the illustrious Gaubius; a similar affection of the speech, when the tongue thus outruns the mind, is termed volubility.

By Scotch witches the woodbine was a favourite plant, who, in effecting magical cures, passed their patients nine times through a girth or garland of green woodbine. Again, a popular means employed by witches of injuring their enemies was by the briony.

We have to keep emptying the wards for other patients to come in, and besides, if the fighting comes this way, we shall have to fall back a little further. We have a river between us and the Germans, so we shall always know when they are coming and get a start and be all right. Your loving S. MACNAUGHTAN. 25 October. A glorious day.

They kept repeating to one another many of the sayings they had heard from Miss Macpherson about being patient, and brave, and good; I visited the infirmary before leaving on Saturday, and spoke to each of the nine patients, who are all suffering seriously, but I am hopeful of the recovery of some." Miss Macpherson's own account follows: "Sunday morning.

"Thank you, aunt," said Oliver, "but I have already breakfasted more than an hour ago, and am on my way to visit my patients. Indeed, I have to blame myself for calling at so early an hour, and would not have done so but for the irresistible attraction of a newly discovered voice, which "

Nor had she withheld her approval; she had heartily agreed with his views; and when, half an hour before midnight, he had gone with her to visit his patients, rapturous hopes had sprung once more in his breast. Ecstatically happy, like a man intoxicated, he had, by her own desire, accompanied her into her sitting-room, and then and there. . . .

He read it through once at breakfast, and then, with a thoughtful look in his eyes, he took it with him to a chair on the big verandah which ran along the whole of the front of Rumfold Hall. The awning above it had been specially erected for the benefit of the patients and Vane pulled one of the lounge chairs back from the stone balustrade, so that his face was shaded from the sun.

Let your majesty, therefore not be deceived by the flattery of those who, like bad physicians, keep their patients in ignorance of their disease, whence comes their ruin." It would be impossible, without insight into these private and most important transactions, to penetrate the heart of the mystery which enwrapped at this period the relations of the great powers with each other.

He was well a few days ago." "Yes, perfectly, until he began to take a little brandy every day as a preventive." "Ah!" The doctor looked thoughtful. "But it couldn't have been that. I take a little pure brandy every day, and find it good. I recommend it to all my patients." Mrs. Hobart sighed. Then she asked "Do you think him dangerous?" "I hope not. The attack is sudden and severe.