Silently he enjoyed all these things, only awakening from them when there was a stop to change horses. He was not thinking of time or distance when he saw the coachman glance round at him, and felt that the speed of the horses was slackening. Still he had no idea that this was any concern of his, till he saw something that made him start, "Why, there's Phil!" he exclaimed, jumping to his feet.

At a few minutes before midnight, leaving Shorty with the dogs five hundred yards down the creek, Smoke joined the racers on Number Three. There were forty-five of them waiting the start for the thousand-thousand dollars Cyrus Johnson had left lying in the frozen gravel. Each man carried six stakes and a heavy wooden mallet, and was clad in a smock-like parka of heavy cotton drill.

T. -17.5°. Lat. 88° 57'. Another heavy march with snow getting softer all the time. Sun very bright, calm at start; first two hours terribly slow. Lunch, 4 3/4 hours, 5.6 miles geo.; Sight Lat. 88° 52'. Afternoon, 4 hours, 5.1 miles total 10.7.

"On Monday we'll set to work," said his father. "I dare say Joel" this was the carpenter down at Innis village "will lend me a few tools to start with. But the clearing up will take us all to-day." They ate their dinner in the vestry. Taffy observed that his father said: "We will do this," or "Our best plan will be so-and-so," and spoke to him as to a grown man.

She will live at our house in Melbourne, where she can be nice and comfortable, until I'm rich enough to start some kind of business in the city, when I can remain at home and enjoy her society." I looked at the man, and actually compared him to a young lover, sighing at the first thoughts of his mistress, and picturing to himself how happy he could be with her in a cottage.

"That was beautiful," murmured Beverly, looking up, fascinated for the moment. "Oh, that I had the courage to enlist," he cried, bending low once more. She felt the danger in his voice, half tremulous with some thing more than loyalty, and drew her hand away from a place of instant jeopardy. It was fire that she was playing with, she realized with a start of consciousness.

They all three sat apart from one another; the nurse dropped off to sleep every now and then, snored for a little while, then awoke with a start. After some time Julien rose and went over to his wife. "Do you still want to be left alone?" he asked. She eagerly took his hand in hers: "Oh, yes; do leave me," she answered.

Let him see fairly what is, not stay here to dream of what is not. And when he's of age, ma'am, we must get him an object, a pursuit; start him for the county, and make him serve the State. He will understand that business pretty well. Tush! tush! what is there to cry at?" The captain prevailed.

"Then if there are many of these encampments along the shore, Luka, we need not trouble about food; and if anything happens to our boat we can make a couple of sledges, buy four reindeer, and start by land." "Then we should have to wait until winter," Luka said. "Yes, that would be a nuisance; but it would not be so very long to wait. I had no idea reindeer were so cheap.

When Ritter shook his head, he continued: "That's probably where they are. Not that it makes a whole lot of difference." "If I'd found them, it'd of given me something to watch; then I'd know when the fun was going to start." Ritter broke off suddenly. "Yes, sir. Will you have your coffee now, or later, sir?"