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The great supply of petroleum, which is much used for lubricating machinery as well as for numerous other purposes, has produced a more perceptible effect on the whale fishery than any other single circumstance. According to Bigelow, Les Etats-Unis en 1863, p. 346, the American whaling fleet was diminished by 29 in 1858, 57 in 1860, 94 in 1861, and 65 in 1862.

About her neck she has a gold chain, with a cross hanging to it before. On her left hand is a monkey chained, and holding part of it with one paw and part of it with the other. Over her head is written 'spouse of Thomas More, aged 57. Behind the two ladies stands Sir Thomas's fool, who, it seems, was bereft of his judgment by distraction.

Those whom the Lord hath endued with knowledge shall find, in the very objections raised by the unbelievers, conclusive proofs to invalidate their claims and vindicate the truth of this manifest Light. Say: Would ye repeat that which the unbelievers uttered when a Message came unto them from their Lord? Woe betide you, O assemblage of foolish ones, and blighted be your works! 57 O Ancient Beauty!

The English and French flag-ships are denoted in the plan by their exceptional size. The "Victory," Nelson's ship at Trafalgar, a 100-gun ship, lost 57 killed and 102 wounded; Hughes's ship, a 74, lost 59 killed and 96 wounded. Collingwood's ship, the "Royal Sovereign," also of 100 guns, lost 47 killed and 94 wounded; the "Monmouth," a 64, in Hughes's action lost 45 killed and 102 wounded.

This matter began, as far as I am concerned, with the reading of a notice in the obituary section of the Gentleman's Magazine for an early year in the nineteenth century: On February 26th, at his residence in the Cathedral Close of Barchester, the Venerable John Benwell Haynes, D.D., aged 57, Archdeacon of Sowerbridge and Rector of Pickhill and Candley.

I must observe that I have not seen the mouths of three or four of the rivers before enumerated, and cannot therefore say that some of them may not terminate in estuaries; but the Gascoyne discharges its waters by two mouths of considerable magnitude, between which lies Babbage Island, the southern mouth being in latitude 24 degrees 57 minutes.

*Barley Flour Proteids. 10.5 Starches. 66.7 Fats. 2.4 Salts. 2.6 *Oatmeal Proteids. 12.8 Starches. 65.6 Fats. 5.6 Salts. 3.6 *Lentil Flour Proteids. 25.4 Starches. 57.3 Fats. 1.8 Salts. 2.6 *Arrowroot Proteids. 0.8 Starches. 83.5 Fats. 0.0 Salts. 0.3 *Chestnut Proteids. 14.6 Starches. 60.0 Fats. 2.4 Salts. 3.3 *Sweet Almond Proteids. 23.5 Starches. 7.8 Fats. 53.0 Salts. 3.0

On the 27th, being in the latitude of 2 degrees 10 minutes south, and in the longitude of 146 degrees 57 minutes, we fancied that we had a sight of the island of Moa, but it proved to be that of Jama, which lies a little to the east of Moa. We found here great plenty of cocoa-nuts and other refreshments.

The House bill conferring Presidential suffrage was reported favorably, made a special order for February 16 and received 59 noes, 57 ayes. The Senate bill was reported adversely. The amendment resolution was introduced by Representative Henry Block, and all available space on the floor and in the galleries was filled during the discussion. It passed on February 7 by 94 ayes, 28 noes.

Every tourist visits it, making a pious pilgrimage first to the Residency, where in the midst of green lawns and banyan trees the scarred ruins tell of the unforgettable Mutiny days of '57; and then to the nearby cemetery, where the dead sleep among the jasmines.