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«Si l'on descend dans la plaine, si l'on remonte sur les collines, toutes

"When they sing, it's eternally 'The Mountaineers' who, as you know, are always 'there, 'Sous les Ponts de Paris, 'Madelon' and other sentimental compositions, and if by accident, in your desire to please, you were prone to compare them to the heroes of Homer, it's more than likely your pains would be rewarded by the first missile on which they could lay their hands and launch in your direction.

"Les Gendarmes!" exclaimed the little man to whose assistance the lads had come. "Voila!" Chester got to his feet quickly, and, with Hal, dashed forward upon the heels of the little man. Round corner after corner, through dark streets and darker alleys he ran, the lads following close behind him.

Without injustice to this group of intellectuals, I think it may be truthfully said that they have contributed nothing essential to the doctrines of syndicalism as developed by the trades unionists themselves; and Edward Berth, in Les Nouveaux Aspects du Socialisme, has partially explained why, without meaning to do so.

If only he would come! God grant that he return to her as he went away! As the unspoken prayer died away on her lips, there was the chugging of an automobile stopping suddenly at the curb. "Les voici!" cried François, dropping into his native tongue in his excitement. He threw open the wide doors and the next instant Ray ran up the steps.

And then, like a true French-woman of business, she brought back the conversation to the one important point: since money was not in question, upon what consideration would Monsieur accord his preference to the Toison d' Or instead of to the Croix de Malte? Müller bowed, laid his hand upon his heart, and said: "I will do it, pour les beaux yeux de Madame."

Turgénieff, according to Mr. George Moore, complained of Zola's Gervaise Coupeau, that Zola explained how she felt, never what she thought. "Qu'est que ça me fait si elle suait sous les bras, ou au milieu du dos?" he asked, with most pertinent penetration. He is quite right. Really we only care for facts when they explain truths.

The most exquisite luxury could never have attained to the simple, modest, noble effect produced by this sentiment of joyful hospitality. A few moments after Calyste's departure from Les Touches, Beatrix, who had heard him go, returned to Camille, whom she found with humid eyes lying back on her sofa. "What is it, Felicite?" asked the marquise.

Paris, 1701, 3 vols. 12mo The best account of China previous to Duhalde's work, though in many particulars extremely partial to the Chinese. Mémoires concernant l'Histoire, les Sciences, et les Arts des Chinois. Par les Missionaires de Pekin. Paris, 1775, &c. 15 vols. 4to.

Alonzo Robinson spent a very lively evening at their home on -th Avenue. The occasion was the seventeenth birthday of Master Alonzo Robinson, junior. It was the original intention of Master Alonzo Robinson to celebrate the day at home and invite a few of les garcons. Mr.