Well, I play for keeps in this; no monkeying. I've had the life of Ur of the Chaldees; now for Babylon. I've lodged with the barbarian; here are the roofs of ivory. I've had my day with my mother's people; voila! for my father's. You heard what Becky Lawson said. My father was sick of it at twenty-five, and got out.

He turned to Pierre in dismay. Pierre's face lighted up with the spirit of fresh adventure. Desperate enterprises roused him; the impossible had a charm for him. "I will go to Fort O'Battle," he said. "Give me another pistol." "You cannot do it alone," said Halby, hope, however, in his voice. "I will do it, or it will do me, voila!" Pierre replied. Halby passed over a pistol.

My bottle of champagne remained almost untouched and when a celluloid ball bounced on the top of my head I did not scream "Whoopee! Bullseye!" as my American neighbors did or "Voila! Touche!" like the French. There were plenty of Americans and English there, and they seemed to be having a good time, but their good time was incomprehensible to me.

Voila tout!" "Perfectly satisfactory," replied I. "Or, short and sweet, as Lady Babbleton would say," replied Lady Harriett, laughing. "In antithesis to her daughters, who are long and sour." "About four hours and a half!" "Then you don't know any of the lions here?" "None." "Well, let me dispatch Lady Babbleton, and I'll then devote myself to being your nomenclator."

One can not bear to be laughed at. And as for my sister, she never thinks; she only lives; and she looks it looks beautiful. But there, dear Lucie, I must not tire you with my childish philosophy, though I feel no longer a child. You would not know your friend. I can not tell what has come over me. Voila! To-morrow we go to visit General Montcalm, who has just arrived in the colony.

"Ah and you might have added all it seems to ME!" She laughed again, while she took up her knife and fork, as in the cheer of these assurances. "But you're not sure how she'll take it." "No, I'll not pretend I'm sure." "Voila." And she waited a moment. "I wish you'd tell me about her."

"And can she bear to be misunderstood; to be derided for departure from old rules and conventions; to have her work despised and refused, and again refused, till at last the dull ears shall be opened and all the stupid world shall run shouting to her feet?" The colour rushed into Hadria's cheeks. "Voila!" exclaimed Madame Vauchelet. M. Thillard beamed with satisfaction. "Did I not tell you?"

I knew that she did not marry me, but sundry shares in the Patagonia and Nova Zembla Consolidation, and a few hundred house lots upon the island. What then? I wanted her, she was willing to take me, being sensible enough to know that the stock and the lots had an incumbrance. Voila tout, as young Boosey says. Your wife wants you to build a house. You'd better build it. It's the easiest way.

The French authorities have too many affairs on hand and too high an appreciation of Ahmed Ben Hassan's horses to prosecute inquiries in my direction. Besides, they are not responsible. Mademoiselle Mayo was warned of the risks she ran before she left Biskra. She chose to take the risks, et voila!" "Will nothing make you change your mind?" "I am not given to changing my mind. You know that.

At this moment the door of the room was thrown open, and with a rapid step Valentin reappeared. "I have a message for you," he said to his sister-in-law. "Claire bids me to request you not to start for your ball. She will go with you." "Claire will go with us!" cried the young marquise. "En voila, du nouveau!"