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And one night she got caught. She came face to face with an officer of the British army, Colonel Webb. The man was an intimate friend of Lord Cecil's and had been entertained in the Manor many times." "O oh Bet! What happened?" "Lady Betty gave a little gasp of dismay. 'Arthur Webb! You here! she exclaimed. "'Yes, Betty, but do not fear, I will not harm you or give away your secret.

"The Prince of Parma doth batter it like a Prince," said Lord North, admiring the enemy with the enthusiasm of an honest soldier: On the 6th of June, as Alexander rode through the camp to reconnoitre, previous to an attack. A well-directed cannon ball carried away the hinder half, of his horse. The Prince fell to the ground, and, for a moment, dismay was in the Spanish ranks.

The light fell upon his own as well, and I saw him start and shrink, as if for the moment he fancied that we had returned from the dead. But his dismay was only momentary. Then a malevolent grin of exultation came over his countenance, his eyes scintillated in the lantern light, and he yelled orders to those around till he obtained comparative silence.

In the mean time the two young ladies had almost fainted behind their fans. "But how had it come to pass," asked Miss Macmanus, "that the gentleman had " "I know nothing more about it, cousin," said I; "only it does seem that there is an odd coincidence." Immediately after this I took my leave. I saw that I had avenged my friend, and spread dismay in the hearts of these who had injured him.

Even then he did not appear to be doing his best work, and one who watched him in a friendly way fancied he might do still better if forced to make the effort. Walter Gordon was filled with disgust and dismay. "He's having great luck," muttered Gordon. "Why, I don't see how I missed a ball I struck at. Every one was a dead easy thing, and I should have killed any of them."

Jean Kennedy made a sound of indignant warning and consternation, cutting her short in dismay; but the Queen gripped her hand tightly for some moments, and then said: "'Tis not a thing to speir of me, child, of me, the most woefully deceived and forlorn of ladies. Never have I seen nor heard from him since the parting at Carbery Hill, when he left me to bear the brunt!

Come, now, humility and obedience, these are the Christian graces that best become your youth. Catharine looked at Father Francis with dismay. This was the first time that easy-going priest had shown her how impressive he could be.

There is every reason to believe that M. d'Ormeval is wounded ... or dead." "Dead!" they cried. "What do you mean? He has only just left us." Renine took out his knife, prized open the lock and pulled back the two doors. There were shouts of dismay. M. d'Ormeval was lying flat on his face, clutching his jacket and his newspaper in his hands. Blood was flowing from his back and staining his shirt.

In God's name, why did he not borrow it, ask me for it? thought poor Jamie. He must have known it would be at once discovered. And mixed curiously with Jamie's dismay was a business man's contempt for the childishness of the theft. And yet they called such men sharpers! For never from that moment, from that time on, did poor Jamie doubt the sort of man Mercedes had married.

But when you are deep in the heart of the country, scouring woods, climbing mountains, and fording rivers, having with your usual improvidence neglected to furnish yourself with stout boots, then a "horrid chasm," or series of chasms, yawning in the only pair that are of any use to you, presents a spectacle which no reflective mind can contemplate without dismay.