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All the same, men in large numbers had to be found for the navy yearly for a long time. This will appear from the tables which follow: It is a reasonable presumption that, except perhaps on a single occasion, the merchant service did not furnish the men required not from any want of patriotism or of public spirit, but simply because it was impossible.

By this, with the option of breaking the connection after six months, Balzac undertook to write for the Revue for a year, being still entitled during that time to furnish articles to the Renovateur, the Journal Quotidienne Politique, and L'Artiste.

"Well," said Philip, "I will furnish you with an army, and you shall go and make war upon John. I will go too, with another army; then, whatever I shall take away from John in Normandy shall be mine, but all of England shall be yours." The situation of the country of Normandy, in relation to France and to England, may be seen by the accompanying map.

That would be the only complete change from her present life, not matrimony and running with fast sets. She wanted more money, she wanted to live alone, and, while devoted to her family, she wanted interests they could not furnish, "no, not in a thousand years." Joan's slim boyish athletic figure darted on ahead and then approached the rear of the house on tiptoe.

But the latter loss would be part of his triumph, and the former might be more than compensated in other climates under other sovereigns. Here was a scheme which, in its final accomplishment, would avenge him bitterly on the Czarina, and in the course of its accomplishment might furnish him with ample occasions for removing his other enemies.

I'm tired of sending men up there for a week or two and having them phoning in here a dozen times a day about how lonesome it is, then quitting cold. We can't undertake to furnish you with amusement, and we are too busy to spend the day gossiping with you over the phone just to help you pass the time." He snapped his mouth together as though he meant every word of it and a great deal more.

The colony would have been much better off "had they not so much doated on their tobacco, on whose furnish foundation there is small stability."

The hands of the two boys met in a strong grasp, signifying a friendship that was destined to endure. The Panther and Obed now began to seek a place for a camp. They knew that too much haste would mean a breakdown, and they meant that the people whom they had rescued should have a rest. But it took a long time to find the trees which would furnish wood and partial shelter.

Ye 're the 'riginal Doctor Carver, yer long-legged, sputtering lunk-head. Yer crow like a rooster thet 's just found its voice. Now, look yere; I reckon it's brain-work what's got ter git us out o' this yere hole, an' I 'll shore have ter furnish most o' that, fer yer ain 't got none ter spare, as ever I noticed.

Maybe it is just kind-heartedness that has kept him acting as intermediary between the persons who furnish money for my education, and myself." "And why does he tip you so generously?" "Oh er Well, I don't know." "Is that out of his own pocket, do you think?" asked the shrewd Jennie. "Well "