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"That's all," she answered. "All?" There was a vast incredulity in his voice. "All?" In her voice was an interrogation no less vast. "I mean er nothing worse?" He was overwhelmingly aware of his own awkwardness. "Worse?" She was frankly puzzled. "As though there could be! Billy said " "When did he say it?" Bashford demanded abruptly. "In his letter I got this morning.

"Er Cynthy," he said presently, "hain't fond of that Painter-man, be you?" "Why, yes," said Cynthia, "aren't you?" "He's fond of you," said Jethro, "sh-shouldn't be surprised if he was in love with you." Cynthia looked up at him, the corners of her mouth twitching, and then she laughed. The Rev. Mr. Satterlee, writing his Sunday sermon in his study, heard her and laid down his pen to listen.

Nita Selim and I were the last to leave the back garden. She was particularly poor at the sport never made a bull's eye during the four or five Sunday mornings after Lois Mrs. Dunlap drew her into our set. She begged for a few more shots, and I stayed with her, after the others had gone into the house for er refreshment.

You can arks for yourself. I can 'oller 'er up less time than talkin' about it. You've only to say!" But this man, the twist of whose face had not been improved by his recognition of the bloater, seemed to wish to confine his communications to Michael, rather decisively.

"Tregar!" said Philip with an indignant flush. And added with an uncomfortable conviction of disrespect, "Er Excellency!" "I said intermittent disrespect," reminded Tregar.

I didn't want that Bible myself I held out I did, but I didn't." Ethan worked on until the full meaning of this unprecedented surrender penetrated his head, and then he threw down his brush. "Waal, I guess I'll let 'er go at that. I've covered up the most of it, anyhow. Guess we'd better go in."

Uncle Eb had brought an armful of wood, and some water in the teapot, while I was sleeping. As soon as the rain had passed he stood listening awhile and shortly opened his knife and made a little clearing in the corn by cutting a few hills. 'We've got to do it, he said, 'er we can't take any comfort, an' the man tol' me I could have all the corn I wanted.

Now I had not the smallest notion of what the Utinam Club might be, consequently I preserved a discreet silence. Indiman addressed himself again to our ungracious cicerone. "A snug little box you have here, Mr, er " "Hoyt, sir Colman Hoyt." "Ah, yes of North Pole fame. You are the man " "Who has led four expeditions to reach it, and failed as often. That is MY title to fame.

"Yo' tell her, Muster Saunders," he said, "to gie it me back! I'll not ast for all on it, but some on it, Muster Saunders some on it. She can't 'a spent it. She must 'a got it somewhere. Yo' speak to her, Muster Saunders. It's a crule thing to rob an old man like me an' her own mother's brother. Yo' speak to 'er an' yo', too, Mary Anne." He looked piteously from one to the other.

"Oh, goodness gracious me!" and she turned to look at Mr. Ravenslee, who, meeting that wondering glance, actually found himself stammering again. "The fact is, Miss Hermione er I say the fact is we Arthur and I are giving a little supper to-night in honour of of er my birthday." "You bet we are, Hermy!" added Spike. "Will you pipe the turk'?"