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Dr. Johnson's criticism of Milton's new Method of Education is well known, and is perhaps the criticism most operative to the present day. The scheme is a mere air-hung fancy, the utinam of a sanguine spirit, put forth as a possible institution! But the real question in every such case is, Does the proposal contain some important improvement which is practicable?

The pursuit of the enemy abandoned, the basis of operations changed. The rats had the best of Stanton. Utinam sim falsus propheta, but if Stanton's influence is no more all-powerful, then there is an end to the short period of successes. Mr. Lincoln's council wanted to be animated by a pure and powerful spirit. Stanton was the man, but he is not a match for impure intriguers. Also McClellan goes to Fortress Monroe, to Yorktown, to the rivers. This plan reveals an utter military imbecility, and its plausibility can only catch

The young fool had changed his lodgings and obliterated every possible trace of his whereabouts. All Miss Sandford had to go on was the bare intimation that he could be addressed at the Utinam Club. She might as well have posted her communications in the North River." "I don't follow you." "Two days ago I put a dummy letter addressed to Sydenham in his private lock-box at the Utinam.

Cum Talis sis, Utinam noster esses! The following Letters are so pleasant, that I doubt not but the Reader will be as much diverted with them as I was. I have nothing to do in this Day's Entertainment, but taking the Sentence from the End of the Cambridge Letter, and placing it at the Front of my Paper; to shew the Author I wish him my Companion with as much Earnestness as he invites me to be his.

Let me explain that the small side-tables in the Utinam Club dining-room are not set flush against the wall, as is usually the case, but at some little distance from it. Consequently, when there is a party of three at a table, one man sits on the inside with his back to the wall, a sensible arrangement in that it allows the waiter free access by the unoccupied outer side of the table.

An odd set, these our fellow-members of the Utinam, and one naturally wondered why they came to the club at all. But we were now to learn. As I have said, the building was entirely windowless, ventilation being secured by forced draught from an engine-room in the basement.

It was a warm afternoon in the middle of May, and I was lounging in the deserted common room of the Utinam Club when Esper Indiman walked in. We shook hands. "You landed to-day?" I asked. "Yes, by the Deutschland." It was impossible for me to utter the inquiry that rose to my lips. Indiman hesitated just a trifle, then he went on: "I delivered my letter to the Countess, and she was most obliged.

O utinam, Poeta mirifice, rivivisceres modo! Ubi pax, ubi tranquillitas in Italia?... Nunc autem dicere possim de tola Italia quod Vergilius tuus de una Urbe dixit: 'Crudelis ubique Lucutus, ubique pavor, et plurima mortis imago.

Instantly the flood-gates were opened; the air was vibrant with the hum of conversation, the ringing of call-bells, and the sputtering of fusees. A blue haze of cigarette-smoke formed itself above the heads of the assemblage; the Utinam Club had come to its own again.

He made her repeat to him the carmen to his Majesty; whereupon he, in the person of the king, answered her: "Dulcissima et venustissima puella, quae mihi in coloribus caeli, ut angelus Domini appares utinam semper mecum esses, nunquam mihi male caderet"; whereupon she grew red, as likewise did I, but from vexation, as may be easily guessed.

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