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"Dear me, what a many misses," cried Mary, "and do you know them all?" "Indeed do I," replied the Dominie, "and many, many more are treasured in my memory, quod nunc describere tongum est." "I'd no idea that the old gentleman was given to running after the girls in that way," said old Tom to Stapleton. "Human natur'," replied the other.

D. Refutation of the fourth charge, that old age is unhappy because it involves the anticipation of death. Since the right aim of life is to live not long but well, death ought not to be dreaded at any age 66-69 O Tite, si quid ego adiuero curamve levasso quae nunc te coquit et versat in pectore fixa, ecquid erit praemi? Licet enim mihi versibus isdem affari te, Attice, quibus affatur Flamininum

'Nunc vino pellite curas, Cras ingens iterabimus aequor," and the Bacchanalian, quoting the above with a House of Commons air, tossed off nearly a thimbleful of wine with an immense flourish of his glass. At the Rectory, when the bottle of port wine was opened after dinner, the young ladies had each a glass from a bottle of currant wine. Mrs.

They died away; the Magnificat followed, then silence, then the Nunc Dimittis, then another silence, presently the anthem. Finally she heard the organ alone in a Fugue of Bach. The quarter to five chimed in the tower. Dion and Robin were a little late. She got up, and carried the rug into the house. "Annie!" she called. Annie came. "When Mr.

If a change of so momentous a character as was now being publicly advocated were decided in too great a haste it might create grave complications: therefore the opinion of the nation should be consulted by the method of the ballot. And with this nunc dimittis he officially washed his hands of a plot in which he had been the prime mover.

From the new Testament we have Benedictus, Magnificat, Nunc dimittis. "The psalms retain the accentuation of the Latin words, which was inserted at the request of Pius V. in the Reformed Breviary of 1568; and also the asterisk, which was introduced to mark the division of the verses of the Psalms in Urban VIII.'s Reform in 1632."

He says himself, in a very celebrated passage where he bewails the prevailing scepticism, "Non sum nescius ab eadem neglegentia qua nihil portendere deos volgo nunc credunt neque nuntiari admodum ulla prodigia in publicum neque in annales referri.

He had sat down to rest beneath a large poplar tree on a big round stone that had often served him as a seat before, and he had just come to the verses, beginning with the beautiful words: "Nunc est bibendum! Nunc pede libero, Pulsando tellus...." when the sound of approaching footsteps disturbed his tranquil enjoyment.

Secunda claritate a Cairo est Alexandria, splendida quondam atque opulentissima civitas, nunc crebris bellis destructa atque concisa, celeberrimum Christianis mercatoribus praebet emporium. Nobile exinde est cum arce opidum Raschitt, quod Europaei Rosettam vocant. Damiata, olim Pelusium, Ptolemaei Geographi incunabulis insigne est. Barbaria.

Patrick looked severely at him, and cried out to God with a loud voice, and he said: "Domine qui omnia potes et in tua potestate consistit quidquid est, quique nos misisti huc ad nomen tuum gentibus praedicandum hic impius qui blasphemat nomen tuum, elevatur nunc foras, et cito moriatur.