Ariadne's crown of stars the Ex Ariadneis aurea temporibus Fixa corona of the poem shines in Titian's sky with a sublime radiance which corresponds perfectly to the description, so august in its very conciseness, of Catullus.

I heara da talk but it like a dream, see? I lika da talk but I lika my own Italia, see? But in olda countra many men work for steamship compana. Steamship compana, they needa da mon', too, see? They talk to us mucha, fixa her easy, come here easy, getta da job easy, see? Steamship men, they keepa right after me, so I come, see?" Big Jim lighted his pipe.

Sect. 8. 3. Jus naturae is ubique idem, as Rosinus: it is approved communi omnium gentium judicio atque assensu, as the Professors of Leyden: it is one and the same among all nations, in respect of the principles of it, as Aquinas and Zanchius: the law of nature fixa est cordibus nostris, as Stella: yea, it isso written in our hearts that iniquity itself cannot blot it out,” as Augustine saith; and we learn from the Apostle, that the law of nature is manifest in the Gentiles, for God hath showed it unto them, Rom. i. 19; therefore there is none ignorant, saith Pareus.

Blest Madman, who cou'd ev'ry flour employ, With something New to wish, or to enjoy! No. 163 Thursday, Sept. 6, 1711 Addison ... Si quid ego adjuero, curamve levasso, Quae nunc te coquit, et versat sub pectore fixa, Ecquid erit pretii? Enn. ap. Tullium.

"The usual time, Ito," came the answer; "make no difference for me." "Lika tea coffee after dinna?" "Tea iced. Have you some now? Oh, bring it, please!" After an interval: "Has Mr. Thorne been pretty well?" "I think." "It is very hot. How is your kitchen any better than it was?" "Missa Tho'ne fixa more screen; all open now, thank you." "Take these things into my dressing-room.

VIRGIL Candidus insueti miratur limen Olympi, Sub pedibusque videt nubes et sidera Daphnis. LUCAN ...Illic postquam se lumine vero Implevit, stellasque vagas miratur et astra Fixa polis, vidit quanta sub nocte jaceret Nostra dies.

Fr. loir. [Footnote 202: He might have said also that the hexagonal form of construction employed by bees produces the largest possible result with the least labour and material. Maeterlinck rehearses (La Vie des Abeilles, 138) the result of the study of this problem in the highest mathematics: "Réaumur avait proposé au célèbre mathematicien Koenig le problem suivant: 'Entre toutes les cellules hexagonales a fond pyramidal compose de trois rhombes semblables et égaux, determiner celle qui peut être construite avec le moins de matière? Koenig trouva qu'une telle cellule avait son fond fait de trois rhombes dont chaque grand angle était de 109 degrés, 26 minutes et chaque petit de 70 degrés, 34 minutes. Or, un autre savant, Maraldi, ayant mesuré aussi exactement que possible les angles des rhombes construits par les abeilles fixa les grands

The expression is so astonishing at that time in the world's history that it seems worth the while to give it in its original form, so that it may be seen clearly that it is not any subsequent far-fetched interpretation of his opinion, but the actual words themselves, that convey this idea. He said: "Consideravi quod terra ista non potest esse fixa, sed movetur ut aliæ stellæ."

Jenkin me rejoignit. Je le fis entendre par mes collegues; car il etait fondateur d'une societe de salubrite. Il eut un grand succes parmi nous. Mais ce voyaye me restera toujours en memoire parce que c'est la que se fixa defenitivement notre forte amitie.

There was no doubt what this meant. They were planning to blow up the viaduct. "Oh, I fixa it alla right, alla right," declared Big Tony confidently. "No fear. I usa da dynamite all-aready. I blow up da beega da house once." "A house and a big wooden bridge are quite different propositions. And a wooden bridge isn't to be blown up like a stone or iron affair, you know."