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You have a Danish army now in your neighborhood, and they say a very fine one; I presume you will go to see it, and, if you do, I would advise you to go when the Danish Monarch comes to review it himself; 'pour prendre langue de ce Seigneur'. The rulers of the earth are all worth knowing; they suggest moral reflections: and the respect that one naturally has for God's vicegerents here on earth, is greatly increased by acquaintance with them.

It has been said that Beaujeu, and not Contrecoeur, commanded at Fort Duquesne at the time of Braddock's expedition. Some contemporaries, and notably the chaplain of the fort, do, in fact, speak of him as in this position; but their evidence is overborne by more numerous and conclusive authorities, among them Vaudreuil, governor of Canada, and Contrecoeur himself, in an official report. Vaudreuil says of him: "Ce commandant s'occupa le 8 [Juillet]

A tutor chez ce marchand, s'il existe pourtant ce marchand.... But how drenched you are, Lise " he cried, jumping on to his feet, feeling that his knees too were soaked by the wet earth. "And how is it possible... you are in such a dress... and on foot, and in these fields?... You are crying! Vous etes malheureuse. Bah, I did hear something.... But where have you come from now?"

"Qu'est ce que c'est?" whispered she to Dashwood, who followed his lordship: "is not dis his apothicaire?" Dashwood, at this question, burst into a loud laugh. "Mr. Mountague," cried he, "have you been prescribing for mademoiselle? she asks if you are not an apothecary."

When Parliament meets in February I shall either be comfortably dead or so uncomfortably alive that I shall not care. Ce que c'est que de nous! I wonder how far Simon de Gex and I are deceiving each other? There is no deception about my old friend Latimer, who called on me a day or two ago. He is on the Stock Exchange, and, muddle-headed creature that he is, has been "bearing" the wrong things.

Morris, who was about to explain more at length the advantages of such a career for the young prince, when the conversation was interrupted by the lackey at the door announcing the arrival of Madame la Comtesse de Flahaut. At the name the Duchess threw a meaning look at Mr. Morris. "Enfin! J'ai fait venir Madame de Flahaut ce soir.

There was one in especial a slight, well-made fellow about twenty, with a white turban cleaner than the rest who contrived to cast wonderful glances from the masthead over the barrier at Rosette, who actually smiled in return at ce pauvre garcon, and smiled the more for Mademoiselle Julienne's indignation.

"For so hurried a farce," said Count Victor, "the lowered light was something of a mistake, n'est ce pas? I I I just missed the point of the joke," and he glanced at the dagger glittering sinister in the corner of the stair. "I have known your mistake all along," cried Olivia. "Oh! it is a stupid thing this. I will tell you! It is my father should have told you before."

In a moment the rouge won, and the second deal I repeated the bet, and so continuing on with the like success; when I was preparing my rouleau for the fifth, the banquier rose, and saying "Messiers, la banque est fermee pour ce soir," proceeded to lock his casette, and close the table.

Heathcock, you know, is as good as another man for all those purposes: his father is dead, and has left him a large estate. Que voulez-vous? as the French valet said to me on the occasion, c'est que monsieur est un homme de bien: il a des biens, a ce qu'on dit." Lord Colambre could not help smiling. "How they got Heathcock to fall in love is what puzzles me," said his lordship.