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These are the scouting, or battle planes, and carry but two men and a machine gun. She heard the motor some moments before seeing the aeroplane rise over the tree tops. She knew it must have leaped from a large field on this side of the Dupay farm and not far below the gateway of the Chateau Marchand. Ruth stopped to gaze upward at the soaring airplane.

Thirty-five miles further, stopping en route to examine the old village of Yatz and the Yalan River, brought us to the extreme northern land of the Queen Charlotte Islands, North Island. Here Capt. Marchand lay with his ships trading with the natives nearly one hundred years ago.

The Hauptman von Brenner," and he smiled, "is teaching the general some American card game, I believe. The whole staff is card-crazy. They have little else to do but play." "And what plans have you already made for Fraulein Ruth?" queried Major Marchand. "While she remains under this roof she will pass as Frau Krause's niece.

No one had heard of that every one had been at home, getting dressed for this festive function, thinking of good suppers and of wedding bells. It was as if after a clap of thunder and a flash of lightning the house was found to be in flames. M. le préfet in answer to these mute queries had shrugged his shoulders, and Général Marchand looked grim and silent. But St.

The Houses of Lords and Commons resound with panegyrics on France; the Convention with "delenda est Carthate" "ces vils Insulaires" "de peuple marchand, boutiquier" "ces laches Anglois" &c. &c. The efforts of the English patriots overtly tend to the consolidation of the French republic, while the demagogues of France are yet more strenuous for the abolition of monarchy in England.

It was some distance in advance of Grenoble that Labedoyere joined, but he could not make quite sure of the garrison of that city, which was commanded by General Marchand, a man resolved to be faithful to his latest master. The shades of night had fallen when Bonaparte arrived in front of the fortress of Grenoble, where he stood for some minutes in a painful state of suspense and indecision.

He was not now of the Romany world, and he was not of the Gorgio world; but here at last was the old thing come back to him in a new way, and his bones rejoiced. He would entitle his daughter to her place among the Gorgios. Perhaps also it would be given him, in the name of the law, to deal with a man he hated. "We've got Mister Marchand now," said Jowett softly to the old chieftain.

The Romany was waiting outside in the darkness not far away watching and waiting. Felix Marchand was in the highest spirits. His clean-shaven face was wrinkled with smiles and sneers. His black hair was flung in waves of triumph over his heavily-lined forehead; one hand was on his hip with brave satisfaction, the other with lighted cigarette was tossed upwards in exultation. "I've got him.

Major Marchand found the path, and, for a second time, there began for Ruth that wearisome and exhausting journey through the swamp. This time, what with her failing strength and the excitement of the venture, Ruth was utterly played out when they reached the log whereon she and the major had rested the night before. "We'll carry her between us chair fashion," suggested Tom Cameron.

I have had an irreparable loss," sighed Ruth. "I'll tell you about it later." But for the most part the greetings of the two parties was made up as Tom said of "Ohs and Ahs." "Take it from me," the naughty Tom declared to Marchand, "two girls separated for over-night can find more to tell each other about the next morning than we could think of if we should meet at the Resurrection!"