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"I said I'd do it!" shouted Harry, jumping for the snow man and landing half way up his back. He meant to clap the hat on the snow man's head and jump back. But, before he could do this, the other four boys tumbled on top of him and the snow man.

It had been wild weather when I left Rome, and all across the Campagna the clouds were sweeping in sulphurous blue, with a clap of thunder or two, and breaking gleams of sun along the Claudian aqueduct, lighting up the infinity of its arches, like the bridge of Chaos.

"It's the divil himself," said Phil Shehan, making the sign of the cross, half in jest, half in earnest: "for it isn't the captin at all, and who but the divil could have managed to clap on his rigimintals?" "No, it's an Ingian," remarked Dick Burford, sagaciously; "it's an Ingian that has killed the captain, and dressed himself in his clothes.

Mr Cayenne struck the table like a clap of thunder, and cried, "Mr Keekie of Loupinton, and Mr Sprose of Annock, and Mr Waikle of Gowanry, and all suck trash, may go to and be !" and out of the house he bounced, like a hand-ball stotting on a stone. The elders and me were confounded, and for some time we could not speak, but looked at each other, doubtful if our ears heard aright.

Mademoiselle Celaire, in her tight-fitting, shabby black frock, with her wild mass of hair, her flashing eyes, her seductive gestures, was, without doubt, a marvelous person. Peter, Baron de Grost, watched her every movement with absorbed attention. When the curtain went down he forgot to clap. His eyes followed her off the stage. Violet shrugged her shoulders.

Suddenly she flung up her head impatiently, and came behind her father's chair to clap a small hand over his mouth in the middle of a sentence of which Norris had entirely lost track. "Father, father," she cried, "do you think Mr. Norris wants to come here and maunder over stupid politics all the evening, after he has been writing stupid editorials about them all day?

"Clap on to that windlass, sport! No loafing here.... Hump y'rself. D'ye hear me? Hump?" Jeff threw his one hundred and fifty pounds of bone and muscle against the crank of the windlass. Some men would have fought first as long as they could stand and see. Others would have begged, argued, or threatened. But Jeff had schooled himself to master impulses of rage.

'Twere sport to me to clap you behind bars, to say to your king, to the mob you brag of, 'Come, now, get him out." "Then," cried Monsieur, "I must value my sweet daughter more than ever." He was standing over Mayenne with outstretched hand, but the chief delayed taking it. "Not quite so fast, my friend. If I yield up the Duc de St. Quentin, the Comte de Mar, and Mlle.

"Your Majesty," he called after him, "will ye grant me a last request?" "I will," said the King. "Thank ye. There's a wee red cap that I'm mortal fond of, and I lost it a while ago; if I could be hung with it on, I would hang a deal more comfortable." The cap was found and brought to Teig. "Clip, clap, clip, clap, for my wee red cap, I wish I was home," he sang.

And when the eventide was come, the birds began all with one voice to sing, and clap their wings, crying, "Thou, O God, art praised in Zion, and unto Thee shall the vow be performed in Jerusalem." And always they repeated that verse for an hour, and their melody and the clapping of their wings was like music which drew tears by its sweetness.