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Watling in Washington. By no means the least among our callers was the Hon. Fitch Truesdale, editor of the St. Helen's Messenger, whose editorials were of the trite effectiveness that is taken widely for wisdom, and were assiduously copied every week by other state papers and labeled "Mr. Truesdale's Common Sense."

"A salary based upon one cent a week for every unit of circulation put on from the time the editorials begin publication." "It sounds innocent," remarked Marrineal. "It isn't as innocent as it sounds," he added after a penciled reckoning on the back of an envelope. "In case we increase fifty thousand, you will be drawing twenty-five thousand a year." "Well? Won't it be worth the money?"

The Fifteenth Amendment was still a bone of contention and The Revolution's continued editorials against it widened the breach. The fireworks were set off in the convention of the American Equal Rights Association by Stephen S. Foster, who objected to the nomination of Susan and Mrs. Stanton as officers of the Association because they had in his opinion repudiated its principles.

The labor editorials suited him admirably. They were daily winning back to the paper the support of Marrineal's pet "common people" who had been alienated by its course in the strike, for McClintick and other leaders had been sedulously spreading the story of the rejected strikers' advertisement. But, it appeared, Marrineal's estimate of the public's memory was correct: "They never remember."

In their editorials and speeches Ionesco and his followers were jingoes trying to drive the nation to a Rumanian Sedan. "A people is great, not only for its numbers of soldiers, but for its civilization, its artists, and intellectuals. A nation militarized is marked for eternal death, for a people lives by its thought and not by force."

They often proved surprisingly brilliant, novel or suggestive, frequently disclosing rare literary merit, altogether constituting the most popular department of the paper. The editorials were carefully prepared and well written.

In its sincerest form. Imitation." "Perfect. I could believe I'd written them myself." "Yes; I've been a very careful student of The Patriot's editorial style." "The Patriot's! Mine!" "Surely not. You would hardly contend seriously that, having paid the longest price on record for the editorials, The Patriot has not a vested right in them and their style." "I see," said Banneker thoughtfully.

I went through the gateway, towing my equipment in a contragravity hamper over my head. As usual, I was wondering what it would take, short of a revolution, to get the city of Port Sandor as clean and tidy and well lighted as the spaceport area. I knew Dad's editorials and my sarcastic news stories wouldn't do it. We'd been trying long enough.

Even the sentiment of union was more adequately voiced in editorials and sermons and orations, even in a short story Edward Everett Hale's "Man Without a Country" than by most of the poets who attempted to glorify that theme. Nevertheless the verse of these thirty years is rich in provincial and sectional loyalties. It has earnestness and pathos.

One day it would be one of the Express's own editorials, in which it was pointed out that the intemperate speeches and reckless policies of the President were now bearing their natural fruit; another day it would be a letter from a prominent clergyman, naming Waterman as the President's successor.