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As a clergyman, this gentleman steadily inculcated in his pupils the beautiful principles of the Christian religion, and took a sincere and lively interest in their favourite pastime of cock-fighting. And very amusing they were when Colonel Burton made them.

In hearing which, Crosbie was again made to think of his own future home and limited income. He had told the old clergyman who he was, and that he was on his way to Courcy. "Where, as I understand, I shall meet a granddaughter of yours." "Yes, yes; she is my grandchild. She and I have got into different walks of life now, so that I don't see much of her.

They live in a cellar, sir, one hundred feet below the surface of the earth, in the midst of darkness, horror and bull-frogs, which animals they are compelled to eat in a raw state, in order to exist. Yes sir!" "But what is all this to me?" "Much, sir, you are a Christian a clergyman and a trump.

I believe Richard there the child of your sister Robina and myself; and it shall not be my fault if he don't have his rights! At the same time I promise nothing, and will manage things as I see best." "At your pleasure, sir!" answered Mrs. Tuke. "Should you mind, sir, if I went to see Mr. Wingfold before I go?" asked Richard. "Who's he?" "The clergyman of the next parish, sir."

The clergyman who had come to tea on the day after Harry's arrival preached a carefully calculated and excellently worded sermon. Although his text was the publican's "Lord, be merciful to me, a sinner," it was evident that his address was tinged with the Pharisee's self-congratulations.

It is I Dick alive! and glad to be home." The clergyman retreated as from a ghost afraid. "Don't be afraid of me. The report of my death was all a mistake, father." "Dick Dick my boy back alive!" The father folded his son to his heart, with a cry of joy and a sudden rush of tears. He babbled incoherently, and gasped for breath. Dick supported the faltering steps to the chair by the desk.

That is the question; for insect it is, phyllum siccifolium, the "walking leaf," as some have called it. The Master had a hearty laugh at my expense. The Scarabee did not seem to be amused at the Master's remarks or at my blunder. Science is always perfectly serious to him; and he would no more laugh over anything connected with his study, than a clergyman would laugh at a funeral.

He was bold enough to defy James II., and to declare in the House of Lords that the civil and ecclesiastical constitution of the kingdom was in danger; he further incensed the King by refusing to suspend a clergyman who had preached a sermon against Roman Catholicism.

Soon screams were heard from the cabin. "Oh, mercy! mercy! I will not be drowned in the dark." Dodd, who had kept clear of her so long, went down and tried to reassure her. "Oh, the tempest! the tempest!" she cried. "Tempest? It is blowing half a gale of wind; that is all." "Half a gale! Ah! that is the way you always talk to us ladies. Oh, pray give me my light, and send me a clergyman."

"Parson Dale, as a clergyman and a scholar, had, no doubt, these authorities at his fingers' end. And I wonder he did not quote them," quoth my father; "but to be sure he is represented as a mild man, and so might not wish to humble the squire over-much in the presence of his family.