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"Constans little brother," she said, weakly, and yet with an infinite content. He dropped to his knees beside her and tried to answer, but could not. "Surely it must be close to morning now," she went on, slowly. "I can hear the doves cooing on the tiles, the wind is blowing over the water-meadows, and the lark is in the blue ah, God! how beautiful this dear world of ours!

In another minute she had another opportunity, and blew him another; afterwards blowing him one a third time. Her blowings were put a stop to by the Bishop and Louis throwing down the bowls and rejoining her in the path, the house clock at the moment striking half-past eleven. 'This is a fine way of keeping an engagement, said Swithin to himself.

The Frenchmen, encouraged by their officers, attempted to rally; but no sooner had they done so, than, led by their gallant captain, the English made another dash forward, and again drove them back. Meantime, the weather had been changing, and the moderate breeze which had hitherto been blowing, was followed by a heavy gale.

It was not until it was quite dark that they once more set foot upon land and kindled their fire. There was quite a strong wind blowing, and the chill of the air appeared to indicate that it came from the snowy peaks of the Coast Range. Fully an hour was taken in gathering wood, sticks, broken limbs and branches, for they had concluded to keep it burning until morning.

There, at Pendleton, I spoke during the great "round up," holding the meeting at night on the street, in which thousands of horsemen cowboys, Indians, and ranchmen were riding up and down, blowing horns, shouting, and singing.

"I can hardly keep her on the course." "What's the use of steering a course when you don't know whether it's right or not?" asked the actor. "Well, I'm not going to give up," Russ said, grimly. "I think I'm headed for the schooner, though I ought to have fetched her sooner than this, at the speed we're going." "Perhaps she's blowing away from us," suggested Mr. Sneed. "That's it!" Russ cried.

We are told it was blowing and drifting at Hut Point last night, whereas here it was calm and snowing; the wind only reached us this afternoon. Sunday, October 8. A very beautiful day. Everyone out and about after Service, all ponies going well. Went to Pressure Ridge with Ponting and took a number of photographs. So far good, but the afternoon has brought much worry.

But, as I had left my coat in camp for the sake of having my limbs free in climbing, I soon was cold. The wind increased in violence, raising the snow in magnificent drifts that were drawn out in the form of wavering banners blowing in the sun.

"The flood'll be running for the next three hours, and that'd naturally set us toward the north; but before we get to Tarpaulin the wind'll be blowing us the other way. We've got to allow for both." Fifteen minutes went by, thirty, a full hour. Little by little Seal Island sank behind them and the familiar outlines of Tarpaulin loomed clearer and higher.

"Come, come," said Brother Horton, taking his arm as he stood staring and perplexed "the horses are ready." With some difficulty he was persuaded to leave, after shaking hands with us, and exclaiming, many times, "You are a very seldom man!" When we awoke, the temperature had risen toabove zero, with a tremendous snow-storm blowing.