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When he reached the village of Urlingford, he found some difficulty in escaping from the very men he hoped to lead back to the conflict.

The rest of the party, with great composure, tucked their napkins in the buttonholes of their waistcoats, and applied themselves to the good things before them, with very active address. What a happy race of people! ready for every thing, and at all times; they scarcely know the meaning of inconvenience. In the midst of difficulty, they find accommodation; with them, every thing seems in harmony.

The steward, who never could forget his routine ideas, even in the most exceptional circumstances, thought the meal a slender one. He did not know how to prepare the roots, and, besides, had no fire. But Paganel soon solved the difficulty by recommending him to bury his fern roots and sweet potatoes in the soil.

It is true, this last difficulty is never of more than a few moments' continuance, else indeed would the condition of the mariner be hopeless; but it is of constant occurrence, and so irregular as to defy calculations and defeat caution.

"And now comes a great difficulty," continued the master of the ceremonies; "we want four bearers for the pall.... If nobody comes to the funeral, who is to fill the corners? It is half-past ten already," he added, looking at his watch; "they are waiting for us at the church." "Oh! here comes Fraisier!"

"And if we don't have such bad luck, still we shall be interrogated as to who we are, and how we were adrift by ourselves." "There will be a difficulty about that again we must swear that it is a party of pleasure, and that we are gentlemen yachting."

It is situated in a cool, shady, narrow alley; so narrow, that it was with great difficulty His Highness Ibrahim Pasha happening to pass at the same moment that my little procession of two donkeys, mounted by self and valet-de-place, with the two donkey-boys our attendants, could range ourselves along the wall, and leave room for the august cavalcade.

The only comfort was that the blockaded South had much difficulty in laying hands upon the proceeds of the bonds which English friends of the Slave Empire were induced to buy. Yet time, always the faithful auxiliary of the North, took care of this matter also.

The king returns to London. Increasing discontent. The great difficulty in governing without a Parliament was the raising of funds.

Boys and girls who can buy attractive periodicals and books at any bookstore or news-stand, can have very little notion of the difficulty that little folk had seventy or eighty years ago in getting something to read.