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The Huns use such planes to bomb unprotected towns and kill women and babies; ours go in for bombing ammunition dumps and trains and railway stations and other places of military importance, although, by now, they may be indulging in reprisals for some of Fritz's murderous raids, as so many folk at hame in Britain have prayed they would.

At the door of the flag room he knocked, then without waiting for a summons from within, he entered. The two scatterers of Christmas cheer had finished their work by this time and were now gleefully watching the feathered folk of the air settling about the unexpected repast, so they scarcely heard the steps in the hall or the creak of the opening door.

"Then I turned to my new-bought thrall and bade him come with me, and he followed me like a dog to his cage, which was hard by; and I shut him in there, and laid down the money to his owner; and folk came round about, and wondered, and praised me.

"You'd better stop singing and help me," she said to Mr. Wren sharply. Mr. Wren obediently stopped singing and began to hunt for a tiny little twig such as Jenny had taken into that hole. "Well!" exclaimed Peter. "It didn't take you long to find a new house, did it?" "Certainly not," snapped Jenny "We can't afford to sit around wasting time like some folk I know."

It made that business institution at G.H.Q. feel like bankers with an enormous, increasing surplus. In this the British is like no other army. One has watched it in the making. XXIV The Maple Leaf Folk These were "home folks" to the American.

Would I knew how she came into the streets and would Heaven I wot whether or no 'twas by leave of the King!" Then he rose to learn somewhat concerning her and well nigh thirty castratos followed him; which when the old woman saw, her reason fled for fear and she said, "Verily, we are Allah's and to Him we shall return! Without recourse we are dead folk this time."

At first sight, the show lends itself to cheap moralising, till one recalls that one only sees busy folk when they are idle, and rich folk when they have made their money. A citizen of the United States his first trip abroad pointed out a middle-aged Anglo-Saxon who was relaxing after the manner of several school-boys. 'There's a sample! said the Son of Hustle scornfully.

And I call the money now blood-money to myself." "Blood-money! But why?" "I had made studies of the sea for that picture. I had indicated the wind by the shapes of the flying foam journeying inland to sink on the fields. I wanted my figure, I could not find him. Yet I was in a sea village among sea folk. The children's legs there were browned with the salt water.

Some petty shops, those permanent clubs of servants and all sorts of folk, were open.

It is an English writer who says that North America is now preparing the future of the world, and English speech is the mold in which the folk of all the world are being poured for their final shaping. It is the democracy of the Bible which is the fundamental democracy of America, in which every man has it accented to him that he is so much a child of God that his rights are inalienable.