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The atmosphere was so clear that when they glanced back they could see the flag fluttering upon the white of the great hotel of Beni-Mora, many kilometres away among the palms; so still that they could hear the bark of a Kabyle off near a nomad's tent pitched in the green land by the water-springs of old Beni-Mora.

When she arrived in a new land she planted there her flag, and with pen upraised set forth to attack or energetically praise, according to her sympathies or her hatreds, the social and political manners exposed to her searching gaze. France was not the only field of study which she found in Europe.

Don't touch it yourself: they put it out there, and they must take it in. That's a pretty piece of impudence, indeed a rebel flag floating in the breeze in the face of a Federal vessel of war!" and the eccentric captain paced up and down his cabin, in a state of considerable excitement. Frank started off, and in a few moments again stood before the mistress of the house.

He thereby declared every neutral ship, which submitted to those orders, to be denationalized and good prize of war; and the same doom was pronounced against every vessel sailing to or from any port in the United Kingdom or its colonies or possessions. But these measures were not to affect ships of those States that compelled Great Britain to respect their flag.

The Spanish flag was already flying from the peak. The three craft were about two miles away. "How are they sailing, Mr. Crofts?" "I fancy the xebec is the fastest, sir. She was astern just now, and she is abreast of the polacre now, as near as I can make out. The ship, or brig whichever it is seems to me to be dropping astern." "Heave away at the anchor, Joe.

Instead of it was a broad and beautiful Stars and Stripes, and it had never before appeared to Ned so very beautiful. He was gazing up at that evidence that the city was in the hands of General Scott and his army, when a voice that he knew hailed him with: "Hullo, youngster! That's our flag. Where's your friend Grant? Have you seen him?" "Captain Lee!" exclaimed Ned. "Yes, I've seen him.

They were loyal even to enthusiasm; and when they retired to their chamber at night, they ventured to express to each other their desire to join the great army which was to avenge the insult offered to the flag of the Union. They were twin brothers, sixteen years of age; but they both thought they were old enough and strong enough to be soldiers.

As soon as they have taken possession of the gateway, the party will issue out and wave a white flag, as a signal to you that all is clear; and you will be in before the news that the gateway has been seized can spread. After that you will know what to do. In addition to the men who are to carry out the enterprise, you will shortly be joined by many others.

At that time we had no idea that we had been fighting, not only Beauregard, but also Johnson from the Shenandoah. "My hope was exceedingly intensified by the appearance of a long line of troops emerging from the woods on our flank and rear, for I never dreamed that they could be other than our own re-enforcements. Suddenly I caught sight of a flag which I had learned to know too well.

Laura, however, felt none of the physical exhilaration that as a rule overflowed in her so readily. Was it because the Bannisdale Woods were still visible? What made the significance of that dark patch to the girl's restless eye? She came back to it again and again. It was like a flag, round which a hundred warring thoughts had come to gather. Why? Were not she and Mr.