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The last preparations for our great enterprise are to be made; all my strength of mind, all the courage of my soul must be summoned, and perhaps I might be cowardly and weak if I should see you, gaze into your beloved face, and think of the possibility that I was beholding it for the last time; that death might clasp me in his arms ere I again pressed you to my heart.

She looked at him, straight and open-eyed, out of the shadow of her parasol, and Bernard stood there motionless now receiving her gaze. How long it lasted need not be narrated. It was probably a matter of a few seconds, but to Bernard it seemed a little eternity. He met her eyes, he looked straight into her face; now that she had seen him he could do nothing else.

Once she stopped, and lifting her hand, looked appraisingly at her engagement ring for an instant, while Mrs. Fowler, observing her long gaze, remarked caressingly: "I always thought it an unusually pretty stone, my dear. George knows a good deal about stones." Then, as if inspired by an impulse, she added quickly: "Wasn't George upstairs before lunch? I thought I heard his voice."

The artist had woven his undesirable subject into the warp and woof of the material with such cunning skill that, as one continued to gaze, one began to wonder if by any possibility the creatures could be alive.

The man whom ancient friendship had brought that way stopped short in his pacing to gaze upon the figure standing in the light of the high window. For what could such an one want money?

The white rim, which encircled his eyeball, appeared to dilate, and his look rivaled in motionless brilliancy the steadily sparkling gaze of the panther.

Her only answer was a low sob, but not for a moment did she take her wide, terror-stricken gaze from the cloud whose slow, deliberate advance was more terrible than gusty violence would have been. The phenomena had now become so awful that we did not speak again for some moments.

You won't ever try such a thing again, will you, dear?" "I was so excited, Duane; I never thought there was any danger " "You didn't think whether there was or not. You didn't care." She laughed, wincing under his accusing gaze. "You must care, dear." "I do," she said, serious when he became so grave. "Tell me again exactly what happened."

Her lover stood on the grass-plot among the flower-beds below, looking up, as though it had been his expectation to see her which had drawn her to gaze out with an idea of some expectation of her own.

In compensation there was, toward the city, near the ship-yards where the great Italian battle-ships are built, the statue of their builder a man who looked it standing at large ease, with one hand in his pantaloons pocket, and not apparently conscious of the passer's gaze.

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