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As they entered the ring, Mahtoree, who had foreseen and had endeavoured to anticipate the influence of the Doctor, by bringing him into contempt, cast an eye around the assembly, in order to gather his success in the various dark visages by which he was encircled.

Vaguely she recognized it, but she was too occupied in the struggle to keep her senses to pay much attention to what it said. "I mustn't faint!" she gasped desperately through her set teeth. "I mustn't faint!" A steady arm encircled her, holding her up. "You'll be all right in half a minute," said the voice, close to her now. "You came down rather hard."

A magnificent altar was displayed to the sight of the faithful: a great number of priests in their sacerdotal habits encircled this altar, which a thousand tapers and a thousand sacred objects rendered more dazzling, and the holy sacrament was majestically exposed on it.

Before him, as is usual, was a row of persons who were "in the game." The space where the spirits appear is always encircled by such a line as a guard against possible attempts at exposure. Of course, everybody in the room was on his feet. Some of the front-row people were rushing upon Nick.

We had for our waiter the tall "mitiff" who had been the messenger of the morning. He was still in the same garb calico shirt, bright-colored scarf around his waist, and on his head a straw hat encircled with a band of black ostrich feathers, the usual dress of his class.

But they looked like real fire, and none but a hero would dare go into them. They would frighten away all cowards. Wotan walked around the peak, drawing a line with his spear. From every place the spear touched the fire burst forth, until at length the mound where Brunhilde slept was entirely encircled by lurid flames. Great Wotan looked upon his work.

Toward night, the hour of solemn service approached, and the vast sylvan bower of the deep umbrageous forest was illuminated by numerous lamps suspended around the line of tents which encircled the public area and beside the rustic altars distributed over the same, which sent forth a glare of light from the fagot fires upon the worshipping throng, and the majestic forest with an imposing effect, which elevated the soul to fit converse with its creator, God.

The waistband of his baggy jeans trousers encircled his body just beneath his armpits, reaching to his shoulder-blades behind, and nearly to his collar-bone in front. His red head was only partly covered by a fragment of an old white wool hat; and he looked at the cub with a curiosity as intense as that with which the cub looked at him. Each was taking first lessons in natural history.

The ring of flame-belching mouths of bronze that encircled Sedan, the eight hundred guns of the German armies, that were served with such activity and raised such an uproar, were expending their thunders on the adjacent fields; had that concentric fire been focused upon the city, had the batteries on those commanding heights once begun to play upon Sedan, it would have been reduced to ashes and pulverized into dust in less than fifteen minutes.

These strange Indians had firearms, though beyond them in the far West were thousands who had never seen a pale-face. Deerfoot's friendly salutations were answered in the same spirit, and he shook hands with each of the eleven warriors, who seemed accustomed to the civilized fashion. He seated himself a short distance from the fire, so as to form one of the dozen which encircled it.