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"I can speak a little," Jethro said; "but not nearly so well as Amuba. My lips are too old to fashion a strange tongue as rapidly as can his younger ones." "You speak sufficiently well to understand," the priest said, "and doubtless will in time acquire our tongue perfectly. This is my house." The priest entered an imposing gateway, on each side of which stretched a long and lofty wall.

It is true that the impetus came principally from a great distance, and could scarcely be detected or observed by those around the schooner; still, these last were fully aware of the whole character of the danger, which each minute appeared to render more and more imminent and imposing.

He is the kind of man to like that, and the sweet, soft air of Cornwall is conducive to credulity. King Arthur's Castle, Tintagel, August 12th I thought it was the castle, though, when I first saw it standing up gray and massive on an imposing hill. Sir Lionel wouldn't let Mrs.

And enormous as the expense would be, when we have become properly aroused and awake to the huge and almost incredible burden which this disease, with its one hundred and fifty thousand deaths a year, is now imposing upon the United States, five times as great as that of war or standing army in the most military-mad state in Christendom, the community will ultimately assume this expense.

A son of the late Yousef Bashaw, on a visit to Ghadames, about thirty years ago, to amuse himself and frighten the demons, blew up a large portion of the ruins with gunpowder. Previously the ruins were much more perfect and imposing. I have made a sketch of what remains of these ancient buildings.

The reign of light, liberality and common sense was every where proclaimed; objects formerly deemed great, awful and holy, were brought down by ingenious accommodations to the level of ordinary capacities, and men were surprized to find how they had been abused by imposing names, when they saw what had once appeared to them too vast and mighty for the imagination to compass reduced to dimensions which they could so easily grasp.

The lean-to was not a very imposing structure Godfrey would much rather sit in the sun and smoke his pipe then expend any of his strength in providing for his comfort but it was large enough to shelter one man, and with a few more pieces of bark on the roof and a roaring fire in front, it might have been made a very pleasant and inviting camp. Just now, however, it looked cheerless enough.

This volunteer escort made an imposing appearance on horseback, shouting and singing, and in the words of Captain Lea himself and the missionary, the Reverend Mr. Cleveland, the situation was extremely critical.

For in a large proportion of those that have a successful hero, he obtains his success either by lying or some kind of deceit or treachery, by stealing, or by imposing upon the credulity or feebleness of age; and of those in which the hero is himself victorious over oppression, we are not able to recollect one which exhibits the beauty of moderation and magnanimity, not to say of Christian charity and forgiveness.

An elderly lady was sitting before the fire reading, and on hearing Theo's name, she rose, and came forward to meet her. Of course, it was Lady Throckmorton, and, having been a beauty in her long past day, even at sixty-five Lady Throckmorton was quite an imposing old person.