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This pressure has finally culminated in forcing the sacrum of the European nearer the pubes, with consequent lateral expansion and contraction of the diameter from front to back. From the marsupials to the lemurs the box-shaped pelvis remains.

One of the most interesting discoveries of recent years is that of the new catacomb in Rome, which lies some distance to the east of the well-known vaults of St. Calixtus. The finding of this important burial-place, which is exceedingly rich in most interesting early Christian remains, is due to the energy and sagacity of Dr.

Thus the chalk contains remains of those strange flying and swimming reptiles, the pterodactyl, the ichthyosaurus, and the plesiosaurus, which are found in no later deposits, but abounded in preceding ages. The chambered shells called ammonites and belemnites, which are so characteristic of the period preceding the cretaceous, in like manner die with it.

Much doubt remains as to the extent of education if a little reading, and less writing deserve the name among the higher classes in this period of our national life.

Four months before the first remains were found, a Chamonix guide named Balmat a relative of one of the lost men was in London, and one day encountered a hale old gentleman in the British Museum, who said: "I overheard your name. Are you from Chamonix, Monsieur Balmat?" "Yes, sir." "Haven't they found the bodies of my three guides, yet? I am Dr. Hamel." "Alas, no, monsieur."

Infrequently, in moments of peculiar susceptibility, the veil is lifted, but the art of dreaming true remains for the most part unmastered one of the precious gifts which the future holds in store for the sons and daughters of men. The partial waking state is the soil in which remembered dreams develop most luxuriously.

Now, thanks to the energy and the imagination of one of the greatest of colonial administrators, the country, at least in the French zone, is as safe and open as the opposite shore of Spain. All that remains is to tell the traveller how to find his way about it.

The plan of the kiva, which occurs in the center, was somewhat marred by a large bowlder, which must have projected into it, but apparently no attempt was made to dress off the projecting point. Only a few walls now remain, but there is no doubt that at one time more of the site was covered than now appears. There are remains of two, and perhaps of three, circular kivas.

How the balance will be struck between these contending advantages and disadvantages it remains for the practical engineering inventors of the future the near future, probably to demonstrate.

Browne, the successor of Allen in the See of Dublin, a rank Lutheran at heart, had been commissioned by the king and by Cranmer, his consecrator, to establish the new doctrine at once. His want of success, is thoroughly explained in a letter to Cromwell, which is still preserved, and which remains one of the proudest monuments of the steadfastness of the Irish in their religion.

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