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The expression was not elegant, but it was sincere. He thought of the girl as he might have thought of an entirely new species of blossom, with a strictly individual fragrance which he had encountered in an expedition afield. After he had left the Black house, there was only a half mile before he reached the old Andrew Bolton place.

With this praiseworthy determination, he was hastening down stairs, with the utmost rapidity, when he encountered a female, whom he took, in the darkness, to be Mrs. Sheppard. The person caught hold of his arm, and, in spite of his efforts to disengage himself, detained him. "Where is he?" asked she, in an agitated whisper.

But his thoughts, if not his hopes, received a check when, with every plan made and Miss Weeks, as well as Reuther, in trembling anticipation of the journey, he encountered the triumphant figure of Flannagan coming out of Police Headquarters. His jaunty air, his complaisant nod, admitted of but one explanation. He had told his story to the chief authorities and been listened to.

"Can my father be carrying off my cousin?" she said to herself, opening her door with great precaution lest it should creak, and yet enough to let her see into the corridor. Suddenly her eye encountered that of her father; and his glance, vague and unnoticing as it was, terrified her.

Champe added, that he was not deterred by the danger and difficulty to be encountered, but by the ignominy of desertion, consequent upon his enlisting with the enemy. It did not comport with his feelings to be even suspected of such a crime.

"Who is this?" said Mark, as, after gently letting Mr Russell's head sink back, his hands encountered another face. "I dunno, sir. It was every man for hisself, and I was thinking about Tom Fillot, AB, and no one else. What's he feel like?" "Like one of our men." "But is it a hugly one with very stiff whiskers? If so be it is, you may take your davy it's Joe Dance."

Even the omnipresent policemen or park-keepers could not disturb the beatific impression on my mind. One feature, at all events, of the Golden Age was to be seen in the herds of deer that encountered you in the somewhat remoter recesses of the Park, and were readily prevailed upon to nibble a bit of bread out of your hand.

She decided again from the depth of her experience that getting engaged was nothing like so upsetting an event as people made out. She thrust the last pin into her hair and tipped her head preeningly before the big triplicate mirror the first time she had ever encountered this luxury outside of a ready-made clothes shop.

I think she would have been encouraged by this smile to have proceeded to a speaking acquaintance, if it had not been for his terrible mother, to whom it seemed to be irritation enough to know that Libbie was a lodger at the Dixons' for her to talk at her whenever they encountered each other, and to live evidently in wait for some good opportunity of abuse.

"I tell you I haven't the least idea what they are! I have never yet encountered in the world any but old truths as old as the sun and moon. How can I know? But do take me; it's such a chance to see Boston." "It isn't Boston it's humanity!" Miss Chancellor, as she made this remark, rose from her chair, and her movement seemed to say that she consented.