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But if during the six weeks' respite it were possible to destroy Sir George White's force the position would be very substantially changed.

Two and three weeks passed, and Maria ventured to repeat her request; but the reply was, "Your shoes are good enough for a while yet."

A sudden resolve had been taken. She was going to comfort him as she never had before, going to recompense him for the weeks just past when she had failed him while espousing Con's cause. She was going to share her secret with him! "Just before mother went, Uncle William, she told me " The hand holding the cigar swayed it was a very frail, thin hand. "Told you what?" "That you once loved her."

At any rate weeks later he was still there and in much better shape physically if not mentally. About the second or third day I witnessed another such spectacle, which made me laugh only not in my host's presence nay, verily!

"I felt it at the time. But Mr. Hammond contracted for so many weeks' use of this island and the time is running out already." "And Wonota and Totantora are gone!" "Exactly." "Do you know where they have gone?" "Haven't the least idea. But Mr. Hammond knows." "He went to town?" asked Ruth thoughtfully.

In the central States of the Union plants and trees exposed to the southern sun put forth their leaves two weeks sooner than those exposed to the north. The infant cannot fail to profit by the same condition, for the young child may be said to lead in part a vegetative as well as an animal life, and to need air and sunshine and warmth as much as plants do.

"That's annoying, certainly, but I'm thankful it's no worse," remarked Harry, as Mr Kennedy dressed the arm after his own fashion, and then returned with him to the dining-room. One morning, about two weeks after Charley's arrival at Red River, Harry Somerville found himself alone in Mr Kennedy's parlour.

That, however, both their majesties would soon be made easy; for I had found a prodigious vessel on the shore, able to carry me on the sea, which he had given orders to fit up, with my own assistance and direction; and he hoped, in a few weeks, both empires would be freed from so insupportable an encumbrance.”

Even this note had come after a two weeks' silence. "Don't expect many letters " she had not, but a month was a long time. There came Wallace! He had turned the corner he had waved to her but it was a quiet wave. Somehow, if there had been a letter from France, Mary thought he would have waved his hat round his head.

In a street in Constantinople, where there are no sidewalks, he was knocked down by a runaway horse and taken up for dead, remaining insensible for several hours. The former of these mishaps occupies three lines in his diary; the latter, twelve lines. On his third visit to Leipsic he was confined in his room for several weeks with an attack of smallpox.