"We have given you a chance of life, and you refuse to take it. You assisted her to escape and you will share the fate of the others." I saw that to save myself was impossible, but with a superhuman effort I succeeded in slipping the noose from my hands and hooking my fingers in the cord around my throat.

Hubert had only employed the income of the entail for his own purposes during the first three years, but to cover this he had given a mortgage on the security of his share of the Courland property.

If indeed I have any share in your heart, do not wrong me by giving Satan a place there also. Let me at least respect you, James." Christine had never spoken in this way before to him; the majesty and purity of her character lifted him insensibly to higher thoughts, her gentleness soothed and comforted him.

There were light and warmth and abundance everywhere, and the child would fain have made the dog a guest honoured and feasted. But Patrasche would neither lie in the warmth nor share in the cheer. Famished he was and very cold, but without Nello he would partake neither of comfort nor food.

After this, in the beginnings of November, the King came to visit his mother, who was at her own house at Combes, two leagues from Paris, and thither went my husband and myself. I had not seen him in almost twelve years: he told me that if it pleased God to restore him to his kingdoms, my husband should partake of his happiness in as great a share as any servants he had.

With the rapid skill of long practice, all did their share, and in a few minutes all the immense paraphernalia of a Persian encampment were spread out and disposed in place for the night.

And then how natural, how easy, while these dear people were still smiling with pride and satisfaction at my good fortune, to say calmly yes, calmly in tone, though my heart should be beating its way through my breast: "Even more, sir, I prize the hope that Daisy will share it with me as my wife!" What with the delay at Caughnawaga, where Mr.

He certainly would not have had it if Mademoiselle had not been here to keep it for him." "It seems to me that you and I also have helped to keep it for him," said Mombleux. "Yes, but this little girl has done her share; he'll have to be grateful to all three of us," said Fabry, smiling again at Perrine.

When they miss you there they'll try to locate you, and they'll soon trail us to these bushes." Captain James Colden had his share of pride, and much faith in himself, but he had nobility of soul, too. "I believe you implicitly, Mr. Willet," he said.

One might envy him the profit if it were not your father! When you are once my wife, I'll make a special contract with him about the slaves. And, besides, since the last great capture, in which the old man allowed me a share of my own, I, too, need not complain of poverty. I shall be ready for the dowry. Do you want to know what you are worth to me?"