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'Of course you wouldn't have heard, sir, she answered gravely. He began to tremble, but with an almost superhuman effort controlled his voice. 'Has the squire hanged himself? he asked lightly. 'No sir but the poor lady's dead. He did not answer. He seemed turned to stone. He stared with ghastly eyes. 'Poor thing! said Susie, forcing herself to speak. 'Was it very sudden?

"It must be here; one minute more I cannot go elsewhere to begin again. Speak to me here; answer my request. Once; one word. If you forgive me, it will be superhuman. But, release me." "Seriously," he rejoined, "tea-cups and coffee-cups, breadcrumbs. egg-shells, caviare, butter, beef, bacon! Can we? The room reeks." "Then I will go for my walk with Miss Dale.

"That means that thou didst stab him with a knife, or kill him with a club." "I was without arms." The Greek could not resist amazement at the superhuman strength of the barbarian. "May Pluto that is to say, may Christ pardon thee!" They went on for some time in silence; then Chilo said: "I will not betray thee; but have a care of the watches." "I fear Christ, not the watches."

They come to the earth only when a hero dares a deed which is superhuman and when he exhausts every power present. Such was the case with Ramses the Great when he rushed among two thousand five hundred hostile chariots, each of which carried three warriors. Only then did Amon the eternal father reach his hand down and end the battle with victory.

The practice of witchcraft and magic involved the absolute and voluntary barter of body and soul to the Evil One, for the purpose of obtaining a few short years of superhuman power, to be employed for the gratification of the culprit's avarice, ambition, or desire for revenge.

"Save me!" he cried, in despairing accents, and just then the moon, as though in mockery of his request, shone out brighter than ever. He made an almost superhuman effort to sustain himself, and keep from sinking, but I saw, with horror, that he was settling slowly and surely, and that all his struggles only hastened his end. "Can you do nothing for me?" he shrieked.

The two ladies in the Chinese legend, cited in the last chapter, were neither Swan-maidens nor female Bluebeards; and this is not the only tale from the Flowery Land in which these superhuman beauties appear without promoting the development in question. Nor do I find any hint of it in the tradition of Bran Mac Fearbhall, King of Ireland, who was one day lulled asleep by a strain of fairy music.

Indeed, the Frenchmen looked upon Edestone as someone almost superhuman a being who had come to establish on earth the dream of their philosophers, "Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite" and they gloried in the good fortune of their sister Republic in having produced and sent to their rescue such a son.

General von Kluck, still in charge of the First German Army, was in control of the western section from the Forest of the Eagle to the plateau of Craonne. He had forced his men to almost superhuman efforts, and by midnight of September 11 he had succeeded in getting most of his artillery across the Aisne, at Soissons, and had whipped his infantry into place on the heights north of the stream.

The following sea almost filled the boat, but we dragged her bows in, though as we did so she came with a fearful crash against the rock. Tarbox then leaping back, seized the mate, and with almost superhuman strength dragged him out over the side on to the rock, while we hauled the boat up half out of the water.

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