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Then they took the mummy from the boat and bore it to the sanctuary of Amon into which Ramses XIII had not the right to enter. The service ended soon after and the assembly left the temple. While returning to the palace of Luxor the young pharaoh was so sunk in thought that he hardly saw the immense throng of people and did not hear the shouts which rose from it.

And when this same syndicate commenced the well-known suit against one of its members, Colonel Baskakov, who had put up the surplus sugar for sale contrary to agreement, Ramses from the very beginning guessed beforehand and very subtly engineered, precisely that decision which the senate subsequently handed down in this suit.

At this time the illuminated boat of Ramses sailed from the shore opposite amid songs and outcries. Those very persons who half an hour earlier wished to burst into his villa were falling now on their faces before him, or hurling themselves into the water to kiss the oars and the sides of the boat which was bearing the son of their ruler.

Then he conducted Ramses to the hypostyle and gave the order to admit deputations within the wall of the temple. In the midst of the hypostyle stood the boat with the mummy of the departed sovereign, and on both sides of it, two thrones of equal height stood opposed to each other.

But they wish to do it themselves, or rather they do not wish that the pharaoh should do it." "Where are thy proofs?" asked Ramses. "I have not the proofs, but I will send a priest, holiness, who will explain the whole affair to thee, with plans and estimates." "Who is this priest?" Hiram thought a moment and then asked, "Have I thy promise, holiness, that no one will know of him except us?

The blood rushed to Ramses' head; he embraced the kneeling Kama, and asked, "Hast Thou heard the words of the worthy Hiram? Phoenicia forgives thee the greatest offence! That man is faithful to me indeed. And if he has said that, what answer wilt Thou find?" Kama kissed his hands, whispering, "Thou hast won me I am thy slave.

"I wish to see those accused of attacking my house," said the heir, deeply moved. "Of those there are more than three hundred," said the overseer. "Select according to thy own judgment the most guilty, and question them in my presence. I do not wish, though, to be known to them." They opened to Ramses a chamber in which the investigating official was occupied.

"Meanwhile thy treasurer stints us in allowance, and would deprive us of serving-maids, without whom we cannot bathe or dress our hair." Ramses summoned his treasurer, and commanded sternly that his women should have all that belonged to their birth and position. The treasurer fell on his face before the prince, and promised to carry out all commands of the women.

Ramses passed along hastily, not looking around, though some of the wounded men shouted feebly in his honor. Not far from that place he met the first crowd of prisoners. They fell on their faces before him and begged for compassion. "Proclaim pardon to the conquered and the obedient," said he to his staff. A number of horsemen rushed off in various directions.

"I have heard something of this," said Ramses, "but I shall not believe it till Thou show me mummies of monsters which, as Thou sayst, are in thy temple." "With permission, holiness, I will finish what I have begun," said Samentu. "When I saw that immense body in the cave at Sinai fear seized me, and for two years or more I entered no cave of any kind.