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And, indeed, there is no more in our covenant but this, that we sall endeavour to keep ourselves within the bounds of our Christian liberty; and, albeit, none of you would swear to this, ye are bound to it by your baptism. Secondly, "The beauties of holiness." Consider here that as holiness is necessar for the saints of God, so all God's courtiers they are full of beauty.

But our first object shall be, to answer the designs of Christian education, by forming the minds of the youth, through divine aid, to wisdom and holiness by instilling into their minds the principles of true religion speculative, experimental, and practical and training them in the ancient way, that they may be rational, spiritual Christians.

Venice being at the time in trouble with the Turk, and more anxious than ever to conciliate France and the Pope, was compelled to swallow her reluctance and submit with the best grace she could assume. Accordingly she dispatched her ambassadors to Rome to convey her obedience to the Pope's Holiness, and formally to communicate the news that she withdrew her protection from the proscribed fiefs.

Ask yourselves 'Can I write Holiness to the Lord on them? If not, do not have anything to do with them. I wonder what the managers of theatres and music-halls would say if anybody proposed that motto to be put upon the curtain for the spectators to read before it is drawn up for the play. Do you think it would fit?

I was told by the landlord that a congress was being held, got up by the Society for the pursuit or propagation of Holiness, and that delegates, mostly evangelical clergymen and ministers of the gospel of all denominations, with many lay brothers, had come in from all over the kingdom and were holding meetings every day and all day long at one of the large halls.

"Since Thou hadst the desire to become the counselor of his holiness Thou dost not show thyself before me. True, Thou art not the only one! But whatever happens, I shall not forget thy services, wert Thou even to avoid me still more than at present." "Worthiness, I am not a counselor of our lord, nor do I avoid thee to whose favor I am indebted for what I am today."

I have great faith in the communion of saints, in the union of saints on earth with saints in heaven. And we are all called to be saints by walking in faith, by leading a life of holiness in the fear of the Lord. We say our beloved friends who have gone before us are dead. They are not dead: they have but just entered into life. Let us not mourn, then, as those who have no hope.

Snoop explained, each neophyte or candidate for holiness must, after searching his own heart, send ten dollars to Mr. Yahi-Bahi.

Live an harmonious life to the curious make and frame of thy creation; and let the beauty of thy person teach thee to beautify thy mind with holiness, the ornament of the beloved of God. Remember that the King of Zion's daughter is all-glorious within; and if thy soul excel, thy body will only set off the lustre of thy mind.

But, supposing the two dreams had not proved alike, an excess of zeal would have been sufficient to have given them all the conformity that was requisite; These two devotees went immediately and declared their dreams to the pope, who perceived that he was a third man in the revelation; for his holiness had been favoured with the same vision.