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The materialism of the Sankhya and the idealism of the Vedanta combine to provoke the reaction of yet another system, the Mimansa, which stands for the eternal and divine revelation of the Vedas, codifies, so to say, their theology into liturgical laws, admits of no speculation or esoteric interpretation, and seems to subordinate the gods themselves to the forms of worship that consecrate their existence.

The teachings that are not the teachings of the Land of Purity are to be condemned as confused deeds. Having invoked the testimony of all the Buddhas, Zendo-Daishi hath set before us the story of the two rivers, the one, the river of fire, the other the river of water, that he might incline the heart to righteous deeds, and guard the true faith of the Divine Promise.

His cowardice was recognized in the inscription upon the pedestal of the bronze statue which the Athenians erected to him. "Divine in speech, in judgment, too, divine, Had valor's wreath, Demosthenes, been thine, Fair Greece had still her freedom's ensign borne, And held the scourge of Macedon in scorn."

Surely there is something divine in instinct. Still, war declared, where were these hosts? The hero could not charge down on the ladies and gentlemen in a ballroom, and spoil the quadrille.

He was the great Light which revealed the way to eternal repose Nirvana. The mythical Buddha was the prototype of the mythical Christ. His mother was Mai or Mary, Queen of Heaven, or the Vernal Spring. He was a new incarnation of the Sun the Savior of the world. In process of time his many miracles were offered as proof of his divine character.

Therefore, whatever is thrust into the worship of God that is not agreeable to Divine revelation, cannot be done but by a human faith, which faith will not be profitable to eternal life. As to what Mr. You have also heard what these worthy gentlemen have witnessed against him. Also you have heard his reply and confession.

Yes, I was glad of his years, for I had brought myself to think that when two people equally young and equally favored fall in love, it is nature that is acting in them. Whereas I loved not the man, but the individual, and that, I told myself, that is the divine. That is what I thought before marriage, and now I detect him in a vulgar intrigue. Is it not hideous?

His life was one long conversation with the invisible divine, expressing itself through individuals and particulars: "So nigh is grandeur to our dust, so near is God to man!" I spoke of how shrunken the wraith, how thin the echo, of men is after they are departed? Emerson's wraith comes to me now as if it were but the very voice of this victorious argument.

We must listen, and receive into our heart, the Divine promise with the response it met with: "Return, ye backsliding children, and I will heal your backslidings. Behold, we come unto Thee, for Thou art the Lord our God." We must come with the personal prayer, and the faith that there will be a personal answer.

To Maimonides the Bible is not only the standard of all wisdom, but it is "the Divine anticipation of human discovery."