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Another series of notes, extending to a considerable number of orations, was discovered by Mai, but these also have been retouched by a later hand. Like Curtius he has obviously imitated Seneca; his account is too concise, but he intended and perhaps carried out elsewhere a fuller treatment of the subject.

He kept so aloof from Napoleon that when he appeared on the Champ de Mai the Emperor affected surprise, saying that he thought Ney had emigrated. At the last moment Marshal Mortier fell ill. Ney had already been sent for. It has been well remarked that the very qualities which made Ney invaluable for defence or for the service of a rear-guard weighed against him in such a combat as Quatre Bras.

The very words form a music, and that music is Metastasio's, "Placido zeffiretto, Se trovi il caro oggetto, Digli che sei sospiro Ma non gli dir di chi, Limpido ruscelletto, Se mai t'incontri in lei, Digli che pianto sei, Ma non le dir qual' eiglio Crescer ti fe cosi." "And now, Emily! for my parting tribute if I remember right, it was sorrowful enough."

A thousand cordial greetings to you, my dearest Franz; with Mamma I get on very well. The old lady quite touches me by her love and sympathetic insight. Farewell, and remember lovingly, Your Depeche Telegraphique. WEYMAR, le 22 Mai. Deposee sous le no. 93 a 12 heures 31 minutes s. Expediee a domicile le 22 a 2 heures 15 minutes soir. Cordial wishes for your birthday from your

Such a day cannot be too long, and at a quarter past seven vast crowds had collected before the Hotel de Ville. Here a surprise was in store for the boldest Three Eighter going. The tricolour had been hoisted down, and replaced, not by a red flag, but by a large transparency, showing the following device in red letters upon a white ground: FETE INTERNATIONALE DU TRAVAIL, 1er Mai 1893.

Overwhelmed with shame at having to undergo so humiliating a punishment, Kawelo fancied that he could no longer live at Kauai; he determined to exile himself, and live in Oahu. He had already embarked in his canoe and prepared to set sail with some faithful friends, when he saw his wife on the shore. Mai hele aku oe! Return, Return with me! Go not away from me!

Then the Miracle of Grace shall be performed in us and none can fall so deeply into sin, but faith in Christ can bring him salvation, and powerfully as nature works toward corruption, the miracle has wrought things 'a che natura non scaldo ferro mai, ne batta incude." The letter whereof this is a fragment made a profound impression on me.

Ghirardini, an Italian painter, who touched at Sumatra on his way to China in 1698 observes of the Malays: Son di persona ben formata Quanto mai finger san pittori industri. The women however have the preposterous custom of flattening the noses, and compressing the heads of children newly born, whilst the skull is yet cartilaginous, which increases their natural tendency to that shape.

A curious snake, with something the character of the English slow-worm, the amphisbaena called by the natives Mai das Saubas, or the mother of the saubas is frequently found in these mounds. The natives believe that the ants treat it with great affection, and will, if the snake is removed, leave the spot.

For weeks every potter's wheel had been whirling, double tides, turning out clay chirághs by the thousand, that none might fail of honouring Mai Lakshmi a compound of Minerva and Ceres, worshipped in the living gold of fire and the dead gold of minted coin.