"Ling," he demanded, "how long will it be before this water will go low enough to allow us to cross?" The Korean shrugged his shoulders. "Me no know, mastel," he said. "Pelhaps by to-night; pelhaps not fol week. No can do nothing, can only stop hele."

Over the tall Hele clock a lantern hung; a gaudy thing of beaten gold, in which an oil wick burned, gleaming out in multicolored light through openings glazed with turquoise and sapphire, ruby, and emerald. He took this down, and impatiently tore away the side of it to secure a stronger light.

And now that I've told you this, tell me in return whether there is any other place beside this where we can cross?" "No, mastel," said Ling, "no othel place. This only place anywhele. And no can closs hele, mastel can see fol himselluf." "Well," said Frobisher determinedly, "if this is the only place, this is where we cross.

Close upon so noble a life, artistic and personal, comes the career of Georges de la Hèle, who, being a priest, gave up his lucrative benefice to wed the woman he wished. And yet again with disconcerting effect comes the story of Ambrosio de Cotes, who was a gambler and a drunkard, who kept a mistress, and was rebuked publicly for howling indecent refrains to the tunes in church.

He dares not mention names, "not onely for fear of offence, but also for suits of Law." Scott has pictured this very well in Woodstock. See below, note 107. The witches of Aldeburgh were tried at the "sessions," N. F. Hele, op. cit., 43-44. Mother Lakeland was probably condemned by the justices of the peace; see The Lawes against Witches.

Previously to its taking place, the Comedie Italienne, where French comic operas only were represented, was still constituted as it was under the old regime, of which it was remarked as being the sole remnant. Formerly, the French Comic Opera was very rich in stock-pieces, chiefly written by FAVART, SEDAINE, MARMONTEL, HELE, MONVEL, MARSOLIER, HOFFMAN, and others.

And seint Poul him self was there a physicyen, for to kepen mennes bodies in hele, before he was converted: and aftre that, he was phisicien of soules. And seynt Luke the Evaungelist was Disciple of seynt Poul, for to lerne phisik; and many othere. For seynt Poul held thanne scole of phisik.

Divans and chairs, cabinets and tables carried the mind far away to the realm of emperors and kings; vases from China and Greece stood on stands of boule-work; a tall ebony-and-ivory clock-case, in which ticked sonorously a masterpiece of Peter Hele, stood between two gorgeous pieces of Gobelin tapestry.

Ling observed the motion, and shrank back guiltily. "Oh, mastel," he quavered, "me thinkee me heal a sound ovel hele fol me too flightened to sleep and me come hele to see what the mattel." "What kind of sound did you think you heard?" queried Frobisher, looking the man square in the eyes. Ling tried to return the gaze, but failed.

Hell on your bawling! not a sillable to affright her, or I shall tune your instrument there. Buz. Hele breake the head of my instrument! Why, sir, weomen are not affraid to heare of doings. Hen. Still jarring? Buz. When the whole towne is altogether by th'eares you might give me leave to jar a little my selfe: I have done, sir. Hen. Putt on thy merryest face, Buzzano. Buz.