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Day brought the routine of the studio, the smell of paint and turpentine, and the monotone wisdom of Kami, who was a leaden artist, but a golden teacher if the pupil were only in sympathy with him. Maisie was not in sympathy that day, and she waited impatiently for the end of the work.

Here, a new view of life is often more useful than drugs, a view that accepts the situation reasonably after a while, that does not grope blindly and impatiently for a cure, but finds in life an inspiration that makes it good in spite of necessary suffering and limitations. Often enough we cannot promise a cure, but we must be prepared to give something better.

Decorated with an old full-dress lieutenant's coat, white trousers, and a cap with a tall feather, he looked upon himself as a most exalted personage, and for the whole of the first day remained on board, impatiently, but in vain, prying into each boat that left the shore for the dusky forms of some of his quondam friends. His pride, however, could not long withstand the desire of display.

I hope that the general will come with you, if there is any decision contrary to your promise send him a telegram to Chateauroux so that he shall not wait for you. He usually comes on horseback. We are looking forward IMPATIENTLY to seeing you. Your old troubadour G. Sand CCLVI. TO GEORGE SAND 23 April, 1873 It is only five days since we parted, and I am missing you like the devil.

It is so wearisome to count the changes which pass within us, that we take interest in the changes that pass without. Poyntz still has his weather-glass; I have no longer my Jane." "I cannot linger with you on this spot," said I, impatiently turning back into the path; she followed, treading over fallen leaves. And unheeding my interruption, she thus continued her hard talk,

"What are they lingering for so long, I wonder?" cried Lady Engleton impatiently. "Professor Theobald is really too instructive to-day. I will go and hurry him." Joseph welcomed her as his deliverer. "I was merely waiting for you two ladies to move; I would have come on with Mr. Fleming. I am extremely sorry," said the Professor.

"Well, monsieur," said the duchess, impatiently, "I see clearly that you will tell nothing. You do not reflect that gratitude is a heavy burden for one of my house to bear; that you have twice rendered me a service, and that if I wished to know your name, or rather who you are " "I know, madame, you would learn it easily; but you would learn it from some one else, and I should have told nothing."

At first sight, the devotee of social Christianity is inclined impatiently to brush aside as mere ignorant bigotry on the Church's part all cautious suspicion of the social movement.

"Ah!" ejaculated Saint Simon, with a cry of joy. "Then the horses were worth winning back, after all." "Horses? Winning?" faltered Denis wonderingly; and then as his companion snatched a hand from his breast, he cried again impatiently, "Here, what are you doing to my face?"

Her small frame wriggled with emotion, and with imploring eyes she jigged impatiently just in front of me. Her hair was tumbled bewitchingly on her shoulders, and even the loss of a front tooth a loss incidental to her age seemed but to add a piquancy to her face. "You won't care to hear about it," I said, wavering. "Besides, I can't explain exactly. I think I won't tell you."