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About eleven o'clock a key turned in his outer door and a very smart-looking page-boy came through, after tapping, with a telegram on a salver. Dick was writing to Hamilton's, in Berners Street, about a question of gray mats for the spare bedroom, and he took the telegram and tore open the envelope with a preoccupied air. Then he uttered a small exclamation. "Any answer, sir?" "No.

Five times he read it; and then, in the language of the poet, hell began to pop! Cappy Ricks came out of a gentle doze to find his big son-in-law waving the telegram under his nose. "Why didn't you tell me?" Matt Peasley bawled, for all the world as if Cappy was a very stupid mate and all the canvas had just been blown out of the bolt-ropes. "Why didn't you ask me, you big stiff?" shrilled Cappy.

Each evening when the party returned from the races his first question asked whether there was no telegram awaiting him. So regular and urgent were his inquiries that the house-party could not be ignorant of his preoccupation. And on the afternoon of the Thursday a telegram in its orange envelope was lying upon the hall-table. "It's for you, Mr. Hillyard," said Lady Splay.

It was telling upon her nerves and on her strength in every possible way. And yet she could not abandon her post unless, indeed, Wyvis himself relieved her. And from him for many weary days there came no word. But at last a telegram arrived dated from Liverpool. "I shall be with you to-morrow. Your letter was delayed, and reached me only by accident," Wyvis said.

Not until he had reached the coulee had he slackened his pace. He decided, after that glance, that he would not remind her that she had not read the telegram; instead, he thought he ought to find Chip immediately and send him to her. Chip was rummaging after something in the store-house, and, when Andy saw him there, he dismounted and stood blotting out the light from the doorway.

They drove together to the telegraph-office, and sent a telegram. The doctor would not consent to frighten Mrs. Little to death. He simply asked whether her son had just visited or written to her. The answer was paid for; but four hours elapsed, and no answer came. Then Grace implored the doctor to go with her to Aberystwith. He looked grave, and said she was undertaking too much.

I propose to " Just then Collingwood's clerk came in with a telegram. "Sent on from the Central Hotel, sir," he answered. "They said Mr. Black would be found here." "That's mine," said the inquiry agent. "I left word at the hotel that they were to send to your chambers if any wire came for me. Allow me."

I was talkin' to Roscoe over the 'phone last night when the telegram came, so I forgot to tell you, but well, Sibyl wants to come over this afternoon. Roscoe says she has something she wants to say to us. It'll be the first time she's been out since she was able to sit up and I reckon she wants to tell us she's sorry for what happened.

"I had an idea from your telegram, Gallito, that Hughie was coming with you. Sha'n't I go?" For answer Gallito pushed forward a chair and threw another log upon the fire. "My daughter is tired," he said. "She will soon retire; but when a man has been from home for a fortnight, and in the desert!" he raised his brows expressively, "Pah!

"It is inconceivable that he should have lived on and never come across me. If he had been alive and learnt that I had made money, he would assuredly have come to me. No, he must be dead!" And he was not dead! The brief telegram overwhelmingly shocked her. Her life had been calm, regular, monotonous.

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