No one ever knew when he would go out or come in or where he would choose to sleep or if he would roam about the garden or lie in the boat on the lake all night. The man held a salver with some letters on it and he waited quietly until Mr. Craven took them. When he had gone away Mr. Craven sat a few moments holding them in his hand and looking at the lake.

By lunch-time, however, decorum had reasserted itself with enhanced rigour as a natural rebound from its recent overthrow, and the meal was served in a frigid stateliness that might have been framed on a Byzantine model. Halfway through its duration Mrs. Sangrail was solemnly presented with an envelope lying on a silver salver. It contained a cheque for forty-nine shillings.

"What do you say?" "What do you?" I answered; for, like other bad people, I had the greatest respect for good people's opinions. "I think a small silver salver!" "Do you think so, really?" "Yes, Del. That will be good; silver, you know, is always good to have; and it will be handsome and useful always." "What! for us?"

M. le Duc d'Orleans came afterwards and took him to the Opera, into his grand box, where they sat upon the front seat upon a splendid carpet. Sometime after, the Czar asked if there was no beer to be had. Immediately a large goblet of it was brought to him, on a salver.

But in it, John soon found out, everything for weal or woe which concerned the Manor had taken place or had been discussed. There were two fireplaces and two large doors. The boys passed through one door; upon the threshold of the other stood the butler, holding a silver salver, with a sheet of paper on it. "What cheek!" murmured Scaife. "Eh?" said John. "Dirty Dick isn't here.

He turned at the street-door, saw that radiant and gentle face beaming after him, and they kissed hands to each other by one impulse, as if they were parting for ever so long. He had gone scarcely half an hour when a letter, addressed to her, was left at the door by a private messenger. "Any answer?" inquired the servant. "No." The letter was sent up, and delivered to her on a silver salver.

Pretty pearls never gave 'em the ironmonger's daughter. No, no. Take 'em and put 'em up quick," said he, thrusting the case into his daughter's hand, and clapping the door of the cabinet to, as Horrocks entered with a salver and refreshments. "What have you a been and given Pitt's wife?" said the individual in ribbons, when Pitt and Lady Jane had taken leave of the old gentleman.

Whose silver did you say was missing?" "Mademoiselle de Gramont's," Robert faltered out. "And Mademoiselle de Gramont has the unparalleled audacity to send her silver here for my use? Do you mean to tell me that this salver and what it contains are from her?" Robert could not answer. "Great heaven! that I should endure this!

Here one of the waiters, who had been for some minutes busy making a queer-looking mixture of egg and sherry, respectfully presented it on a large silver salver. The Chancellor took it haughtily, drank it off thoughtfully, smiled benevolently on the happy waiter as he set down the empty glass, and began. To the best of my recollection this is what he said. "Ahem! Ahem! Ahem!

"Because it may suit you so to be; and it certainly is the truth, for you don't know your real name." We were here interrupted by the waiter bringing in a letter upon a salver. "Here is a letter addressed to `I. or J.N., on his return from his tour, sir," said he; "I presume it is for you?" "You may leave it," said I, with nonchalance. The waiter laid the letter on the table, and retired.