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Now the greatest aversion Arabs have is to be chewed by a crocodile, because these people usually roam over the sands of the desert, where to meet an amphibian is simply horrible; so at the Woggle-Bug's speech they set up a howl of fear, and the Shiek shouted: "Unbind him! Let not a hair of his head be injured!" At once the knots in the ropes were untied, and the Woggle-Bug was free.

Here is repeated a thousand times that suburban home which Horace sang; here the coast where Odysseus, "the much-enduring man," cast anchor and declared he would no longer roam; here the Elysian fields "far beyond the sunset"; here the valley of Avilion lies "Deep-meadowed, happy, fair with orchard-lawns And bowery hollows crowned with summer sea,"

"Ah, well," said he, "if things stand so I must beg of you to take me also with your two friends to roam about the world at your expense." The joke showed the boy the absurd side of the matter. He gave his friends the little money he had left, said good-bye to them, and accepted the invitation to stay in Bologna.

At last the King was successful, but no sooner did he take hold of Little Anklebone than the clouds above began to thunder and lighten horribly, and from below came the lowing of many does, and louder than all came the voice of the little piper himself singing these words 'O clouds! why should you storm and flare? Poor Anklebone is forced to roam. O does! why wait the milker's care?

Professor Dunn made of Vergil a contemporary poet.... Lang was of the fair Norse type, so akin to the Greek in adventurous spirit. Dunn was of the dark, stocky, imperial Roman type. In a toga he would have resembled some Roman senator.... That summer there were long woodland walks for me, when I would take a volume of some great English poet from the library and roam far a-field.

The police regulations appear not to be so severe as they ought to be, for droves of hogs are permitted to roam about the streets, to the terror of fine ladies, and the great annoyance of all pedestrians. New York was settled by the Dutch in 1615, and called by them New Amsterdam. In 1634, it was conquered by the English, retaken by the Dutch in 1673, and restored in 1674.

Twelve years and a half of imprisonment in Bedford Jail turned Bunyan out immortal! And here am I not in jail but free to roam where I choose, with twenty pounds! By Jove! I ought to be greater than Bunyan! Now 'Pilgrim's Progress' was a 'novel, if you like!"

No; the open valley that twenty or thirty years earlier might have been alive with game was absolutely desolate; not one of the vast herds which used to roam there, as the old Boers had often told me, was to be seen. There was nothing whatever to break the long slopes of sand-coloured soil.

The only memorable thing he said was when, in a pause of gorging himself "with these French dishes" he deliberately let his eyes roam over the little tables occupied by parties of diners, and remarked that his wife did for a moment think of coming down with him, but that he was glad she didn't do so. "She wouldn't have been at all happy seeing all this alcohol about.

But seen as they roam free in those pastures that, since the creation, have never been marred by plow or fence pastures that are theirs by divine right, and the sunny slopes and shady groves and rocky nooks of which constitute their kingdom where, in their lordly strength, they are subject only to the dictates of their own being, and, unmutilated by human cruelty, rule by the power and authority of Nature's laws they stir the blood of the coldest heart to a quicker flow, and thrill the mind of the dullest with admiring awe.

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